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God Will Soon End All Suffering...

How long, O Jehovah, must I cry for help, but you do not hear? How long must I ask for help from violence, but you do not intervene?” (Habakkuk 1:2, 3) These are the words of Habakkuk, a good man who enjoyed God’s favor. 104 more words


5v power supply for some Pioneer controllers

Some of my friends have told me that the power supply that comes with their Pioneer DJ controllers, especially the DDJ-SX series, can get spoilt pretty easily. 182 more words


Latest update: Non-traditional Pioneers in the "Old West"

Americans have always been fascinated with the “Old West.”  Hollywood has produced some of its biggest stars and profitable movies telling the stories of the brave early pioneers seeking a their fortune, a fresh start, or new opportunities in the Western United States.  603 more words


Hired by Harvard

With Harvard in the news this week, I’m reminded of my brief stint on the office staff of the college. I set out as a pioneer in 1955 to make my mark as a writer with my newly-minted Smith College English Literature degree. 395 more words


Robart 1-1/2 monoplane: ... or 3/4 biplane.

What some European pioneers lacked in engineering approach to flight in the early decade of the last century certainly was compensated sometimes with aesthetical qualities. This machine was the brainchild of a Frenchman, Henri Robart. 67 more words

XDJ-RR; Utility Room to Bedroom to Main room?

Did anyone’s Mum ever have a ‘leftover’ day where she we make a meal from all the half eaten contents of the fridge? This is what I feel is occurring with the new stand-alone device from Pioneer. 880 more words


Review: Everything She Didn't Say

Rating: ★★★★

I received this book for free from the publisher (Revell Books) in exchange for an honest review. 

This book provided a fascinating glimpse into the real life of Carrie Strahorn, a famous pioneer woman. 209 more words

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