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In Songbirds Pioneering Women in Jamaican Music

The Indian and Chinese cultures inspired the food in Jamaica in several ways. jamaican preparations are fairly nourishing with the use of wholesome and untreated ingredients. 292 more words

Johnny Depp and I Share a Haircut

I recently cut my hair very short on an impulse decision. Well, not so much an impulse considering i have cut my hair short a while back, but never this short. 366 more words


Surpassing Mediocrity

I’d just like to make it clear that i have thought about posting, but have chosen not to, for the reasons that my most recent thoughts have been personal ones for personal-writing, in which also contain anecdotes about my most current love affair with a substance i desire not to mention. 296 more words


Thoughts Through Space: a Pioneering Long-Distance Telepathy Experiment

“Those who reject even telepathy have reached the point where they are  impugning either the honesty or the sanity of several thousand scientific  researchers on all major continents over a period of decades. 2,718 more words

The World As I See It

Recovering a Pioneering Spirit


I guess a lot of inspiration for my writing comes from conversations with my mentors and here again is a post that is inspired, in part, by a conversation with another one of my mentors this past Sunday. 1,005 more words

Crusade Against Consumerism

You know what I’m mad about? I’m mad about all of these treadmills. There is so much machinery around me now that it is physically upsetting. 469 more words