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The garden pea


“I’m a scientist.”

“What kind of scientist?”
“I study plants.”

At this, the immigration officer at customs looks up to see my face, often with a smile, and says something that is widely varied but typically reflecting a pleasant surprise. 384 more words


25 May – 9 ‘Aẓamat


 Be thou steadfast in the Cause, and teach the people with consummate wisdom. Thus enjoineth thee the Ruler of earth and heaven. He is in truth the Almighty, the Most Generous. 985 more words


Tuna out of a can for #ValleyBoyPastor

My sentiments definitely lie with the simplify-life crowd. But while my wife sees out the school year in Santa Monica with my kids, I’m starting our new gig apartment managing in Van Nuys with some Spartan furnishings. 204 more words


Ministry Night Part 2 Corporate Expectation

I wrote “Part 1” a while ago, click here if you want to read that one. Now, I’m catching up on all my drafts. This was written right around that time as well, but I finally got time to touch it up and make it ‘post-worthy’. 577 more words


Apartment managing fail #8 #ValleyBoyPastor

If you hear screams late at night coming from my room, don’t call the cops. Everything is OK. I’m just having a nightmare about dishwashers. 166 more words


New twist on an old method...Straw Box Cooking

I did something the other day I had never done before. Frankly, if I had heard someone else say what I said I would have thought they were certifiably insane – I cooked a roast beef in the cooler. 191 more words


Expecting God

Gideon seriously doubted that God could use him:

  • He questioned why the angel addressed him as “mighty man of God.”
  • He questioned his pedigree and his capability.
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