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Small Beginnings

‘It’s been like sowing seeds on concrete’ the pastor said.

The words echoed in my head and that phrase in itself just made my respect for the man go through the roof. 763 more words


The enormity of this city challenges me.

The enormity of this city challenges me. There is always something more to do, more people to reach, more scope in the ministry, and more and more. 566 more words


Why I started pioneering

I wanted to be a missionary as a small child… I’ve read every life story in the yearbooks and the watchtowers. I wanted to be like them!  361 more words


Not a Statistic

We were recently asked by one of my oldest son’s mentors about how Brandon and I met. We are always asked this question, and usually Brandon brings up the infamous part of our story where I ALLEGEDLY stalked him before we became friends. 661 more words