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Entrepreneurial Pioneering Emerging Markets

Financial development is happening in a lot of countries and it is time that you take advantage. Becoming an entrepreneur has actually never ever been simpler or more financially satisfying. 62 more words

Trolls With Tolls and Google Buses oh My!

Sometimes I think we may all just be practicing a million moments of surrender, so that dying won’t feel like such a big deal. Rumi says: “There are a million different ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” but if we are all on the same bus headed over a cliff, trying to vie for the best seat, why kneel, or kiss? 666 more words

JGE Beginner Guide - Auch Pioneering Quest

1) Talk to Auch Pioneering officer at C5, Talk to Simon in Villa de Liberard
Return to Auch Pioneering officer. 183 more words

Granado Espada

JGE Beginner Guide - Coimbra Pioneering Quest

1) Talk to Nunez at G4
2) Collect the ingredient from Coimbra Merchant Girl (F11), Buying 1 chocolate from Lisa at G9 and 5 Buffalo meat from King’s Garden… 138 more words

Granado Espada

JGE Beginner Guide - Reboldoeux Pioneering Quest Guide

1) Talk to Lyndon at H7
2) Talk to Doflamingo at E8 to activate a mission, defeat the boss at B3 to clear it
113 more words

Granado Espada

Dial A Guru celebrates pioneering writer - Anna Atkins

(1799 – 1871) was an accomplished and passionate English botanist and photographer.

This pioneering women is thought to be the first person to publish a book that included photographs.   61 more words


The Kingdom of God is here.....in Wednesbury!

If you’re not from the West Midlands  then chances are you have not heard of Wednesbury – unless you are an Ikea anorak.  Even most people in the West Midlands don’t seem to know much about the place.   256 more words

My Life