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Madonna-Whore Complex

Read about the Madonna-Whore complex here. This is something that compartimentalizes our being, stashes away our authenticity and creates false illusions of one another.

Listening to God in Guatemala

We hear human voices — both good and bad — too much. Our fans and our critics occupy our thoughts too much. We can wrongly believe our own publicity or the devil’s condemnation. 208 more words


#ValleyBoyPastor: If you just try, anything is possible

Mind blown. I just barely moved to Van Nuys. I just barely started a Bible study in the apartment. I haven’t yet gotten a place for Sunday service. 244 more words


But I'm only worried about the toe nail clipper

There are boxes and piles around my apartment as I just completed my move to the San Fernando Valley to start a church. There 1,749 things that need to be sorted out and put away. 103 more words



I am beginning to understand the real struggles of pioneering something old. It’s so hard to anticipate certain things, especially how long some things might need to take, like making and freezing meals in the middle of the night forĀ a 5-day backpacking trip leaving the next morning. 622 more words

Bridge Building

This week we present a new idea for your Beaver Scout Section to explore. This adventure idea is best carried out with the help of skill expertise from the other Sections.

slave to this enclave

feeling like a pioneer in unprecedented territory.

there was so much more that i wanted to say

but with one minute intervals in the midst of chaos… 49 more words