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A New Frontier

I have often wondered when we have traveled down roads, what it must have felt like to be a pioneer in the days of new territories and lands undiscovered, wagons and horses, families, and critters all traveling together into the unknown promises of it all.  741 more words

Review: Memoir of Mrs. Stallybrass

Rating: ★★★

Who: A memoir of Sarah Stallybrass, wife of Edward Stallybrass and British Congregational missionary to Siberia. Sarah taught (Mongolian) Buryat children while Edward worked on the translation of the Bible into Mongolian with a few colleagues. 352 more words

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Troop Meeting Idea: Bamboo Lashings

If you live in a somewhat rural area, there is a good chance that someone in your neighborhood has a crop of bamboo growing on their property.   368 more words

Troop Meeting Ideas

Freedom Forever

Often it is said that our society is becoming more transient, disposable, and/or impatient.  This could be due to a number of factors, including the numerous technological advances beginning during the industrial revolutions of western nations, or increased freedom of romantic relationships.  576 more words


Personal Commitment

What do you do when you are the first one to see an opportunity? Do you expect others to affirm it, care about it or commit to it? 270 more words


Google Glass

Google glass is a project that is being developed by Google. The idea behind google glass started a few years ago and on 2013 with the first prototypes were being sold in the price of 1500 US dollars and for a very limited time period, before it became available to the public on May 2014. 212 more words