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Stone masons and granite quarries

The Drakenstein Heemkring’s Gribble Collection includes a fairly large number of 19th-century photographs of granite stone masons and quarry owners. This photograph was taken in front of JA Clift (Pty) Ltd in Concordia Street, Suider Paarl. 457 more words


Problem Solving

As this is my first post as the Illustration blogger, I’d like to talk about a key factor—media from my childhood—that I’ve only recently realized has and continues to encourage me to pursue my art further. 310 more words

Where Creativity Works

Is the American Flag flown at half mast for other tragedies?

it seems that every time I turn around, the flag is being pulled down half way for something special. I’m am usually rarely aware of the reason that the flag is flown at half mast either. 292 more words

The pioneers of staff wellbeing

A recent blog from the CIPD about the original chocolate manufacturers and their support for staff wellbeing, got us at ChorusHR thinking about other well known business pioneers of the 19th and 20th century, who went to great lengths to look after their employees.It’s interesting to note that the welfare of the workforce is not wholly

The Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder

Yes, I’m obsessed with Laura Ingalls Wilder. It began when I was a young girl staying up late to read her books. It has grown since I’ve read those… 1,037 more words



great forests are gone
small cabins take their place
the progress of man