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Another Anniversary - Crash of a "Killer"

Whenever I get a spare moment,  I look through the pages of  This Day in Aviation in case there is something that catches my eye.  Today I saw an item about the crash of the second prototype DH.108 “Swallow” TG306,  which occurred 70 years ago today on 27 September 1946.   501 more words


@ 8th GCC Quality Congress - Doha 2015

I was always proud of the fact that mine was one of the pioneering consulting companies in Qatar that promoted Quality awareness and Quality Management System certifications in the early 2005-6 periods. 82 more words

Rajeev Mathew Thomas

Interviewed for Limca Records winning book MY FATHER

Involving hundreds of persons from around the world in writing and publishing the world’s largest anthology about fathers titled MY FATHER was an extremely gratifying experience. 74 more words

Rajeev Mathew Thomas

With Shri Oommen Chandy - former Chief Minister of Kerala

Happened to share a wonderful train journey with Shri Oommen Chandy the former Chief Minister of Kerala. Such a simple person traveling in regular 3rd AC compartment with no security or body guards. 25 more words

Rajeev Mathew Thomas

Strategic Leadership lecture at Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies

One of the highlights of my career was when I was asked to deliver a week long lecture to the Executive Program class of the Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies – a member of the Qatar Foundation Education City. 36 more words

Rajeev Mathew Thomas

With Michio Kaku - Scientist & Physicist

Meeting and spending time with Michio Kaku, the scientist – physicist and author of many works including the Physics of the Future gave a completely different perspective to my Strategic Thinking skills. 78 more words

Rajeev Mathew Thomas

With Dr. Kaplan @ Katara Doha 2015

Its always highly inspirational when we get to meet management gurus like Dr. Robert Kaplan the co founder of the Balanced Scorecard framework. During this meeting I was given the conceptual nod for my book adapting the balanced scorecard framework to overcome various challenges faced by individuals in their daily lives – especially in their family lives. 10 more words

Rajeev Mathew Thomas