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Writing about what you don’t know: The Light Bulb Moment

One of the paradoxes facing the family historian is that he or she does not get to choose who or what to write about.

If you are a regular historian or biographer you are likely to be writing about people or events or places that interest you and that you already know something about. 779 more words


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The word BOTOX is more than just a brand name but now a household name for wrinkle reduction. 1,059 more words


My Address will be "Altorado" Alberta

The postcards Walter sent to Harold and his brothers may have looked wild and exciting like the sets from a Western, but they didn’t show the real challenges ahead for the young layman. 932 more words

Historical Perspective

Rose Wilder Lane

“They had always been happy and comfortable, and the future had been bright. Yet now it was as if, chilled to the bone, they had come into a warm place.”

~Let the Hurricane Roar


Rose Wilder Lane

“The silence of those miles of snow untouched by any trace of human beings, marked only by the inhuman winds and paws of wild animals, was without enmity or pity. 12 more words


The Donner Party

Hello dear reader(s)!

I guess I should have titled this “Our Day at Donner Lake”, but I just think “The Donner Party” has a nicer ring to it.   1,066 more words


Women who changed the World

Women who changed the world

A list of famous influential women. Including women’s rights activists, female poets, musicians, politicians, humanitarians and scientists.

Sappho (c 570 BC) One of the first published female writers. 2,466 more words