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Pip Takes 2014 - New Content, New Updates, New Year

Singer-songwriter Pip auditioned for “The Voice” nearly three years ago. He keeps himself busy these days by collaborating with other artists, filming vlogs for his Pipsters, and even shooting his very first official music video. 333 more words


#BowtieAmbassadors - Yadira Sings Pip's Praises

How Did I Become A Pipster.?

Well, let’s go back to that day 2/13/12 when Phillip Andrew Arnold (Pip) was on The Voice. That day was the day that I knew for a fact I was a Pipster, because Pip was someone who stood out to me and I couldn’t help but kind of fan girl when all four judges turned for him. 437 more words


#BowtieAmbassadors - Michelle Becomes More Than Just @PipsYimBracelet

Ok this has been long overdue, but I really wanted to share my story with you guys. So, here it is :) How i became a pipster is actually one of pure luck! 766 more words


#BowtieAmbassadors - Ana Shows International Affection for Pip

My little story began 2 years ago, when I watched 1st performance of
the show The Voice.  I liked it at all! It was amazing! I was… 434 more words


#BowtieAmbassadors - Becca R and Her Love for Pip

I never really had a favorite on The Voice until Pip came along. When I saw his interview before his audition, I noticed that he was really cute, had an awesome style, and seemed sweet. 770 more words

Pip Arnold

#BowtieAmbassadors - Sam aka The Guitar Chick turned Pipster

   Many of the Pipsters see me as the one that is always making jokes about wanting to “Tap” Pip or do some weird things to him with food, but that isn’t all there is to my interest in him.   343 more words


#BowtieAmbassadors - Jordan Jumps Into Action as @PipsBlueHoodie

Hello everyone,
I became a Pipster probably when The Voice first aired because I just fell in love with his voice, personality, and his looks. Ever since I was glued to my tv every week. 245 more words