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The pile keeps growing

It’s bizarre but now that my car is back I am filled with joy and sadness in equal measure. I know that I need it. I know that I meet the criteria. 288 more words

Beginnings of Flask, Conda, Pip

This week I am mostly getting to grips with Flask, initially using this tutorial.

This is a gentle introduction to using a virtual Python environment using… 101 more words


Amazing hydro-therapists,a rock and a hard place.


So recently, my hydro-therapist did more for me in a 10 minute review than my doctors have done for me in months. I was referred to hydrotherapy for the severe pain that I’ve been getting in my back and my legs, and it’s been helping a little in the sense that it relieves the pain for a few hours before it comes back. 588 more words

Review: Great Expectations

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 stars to Charles Dickens‘s Great Expectations. So many good choices in the world of Charles Dickens, but ultimately, even though I love me some ghosts of Scrooge, Great Expectations wins out. 283 more words

Book Reviews

WANTED: Someone just beginning the PIP or ESA assessment process.

Benefits and Work don’t normally pass on media enquiries to their readers, however this particular request came with the endorsement of a seasoned disability benefits campaigner so they made an exception and GMWRAG is happy to do the same. 200 more words

Welfare Benefits

Father and Sons

I just wanted to share this post, because I have the best roosters in the world.

Double Dots, my Golden Comet (aka sexlink) rooster. He’s a year and a half old and the ‘papa’ of the coop. 125 more words