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Prisons in Parliament

Where’s the beef behind the White Paper? 

Prisons in Parliament brings you up-to-date on the last week of politics and prisons. What’s been said? And by whom? 304 more words


My Way (Politically) Forward

I have not written for quite a long time but I feel that I need to start writing again.

The way the main Political Parties are infighting there is a chance for a newly formed party to get up and running, this would give them 3 years to get a following and stand, especially, in the next local elections. 150 more words


Applying for PIP (Aspergers)

I got brave enough this morning to finally call the DWP helpline on my PIP claim.

I wrote in a March for the claim form, got the claim form completed and sent off in early July to the prepaid address on the envelope. 304 more words

Moving house... Pain 

So we’re coming up on a month since the move.

The new house, whilst has some problems (STAIRS) But I can adapt to that. The best part is, the flat I spent the last year is, had a constant humidity of 85% to 90%. 324 more words


Hitting back @DWP the only way I know how - I become a whistle-blower.

After 5 years without any hope of an apology I snap. I’m still on benefits, still crushed by this lifestyle. I’m on Facebook forums trying to help people with their benefit issues as I know the system only too well. 401 more words

2nd Class Citizen?

Tell the world what is happening to disabled people in the UK

Taken from http://dpac.uk.net

Tell the world what is happening to
disabled people in the UK.

on International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Saturday 3rd December – all day… 255 more words