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Episode 004: Vectorman (1995)

Genesis does what Nintendont! Vectorman is hellishly hard, but it’s fun to turn from balls into a bomb and to explooodddeeee!

On today’s show, Steve, Todd and Huell are joined by their (non-British) friend Pip to talk about how impossible this game is, unless you’re using the Game Genie. 201 more words


More than 100 a week losing their Motability vehicles, thanks to PIP

Original post from Disabled Go News


More than 100 disabled people every week are losing their Motability vehicles after being assessed for the government’s new disability benefit, the charity has confirmed. 618 more words


Pip Pic!

Last night I went in to find Pip with a piece of his bedding on his head, he looks so sweet and funny, he just stayed there sniffing away in the air and I couldn’t resist a photo shot – his doing well, he did put weight on at 160g – so I’ve laid him off his treats for this past week as I don’t want him getting too heavy, although he is running a lot on his wheel and seems very happy pottering about in his cage :-)



Guess what! I’m here again, making another post! I feel proud of myself. I realised today that I do not know what exactly my blog is about. 405 more words


Boredom and Games Or Altogether too cute

Some summer.

Typical British summer, rain, rain and more rain. Seras sighed, looking out of one of the smaller windows in the mansion. It was typical; the sun had shone all day, according to Walter, and the minute she clambers out of bed it plummets down with a vengeance. 147 more words


draft agenda released for SME Supplying the Public Sector event 4 June 2015

A draft agenda has been released for the West of England Partners in Procurement (PiP) SME Supplying the Public Sector Event.

draft agenda 21 may… 132 more words



Ok well I decided to try running CREST Market Downloader, but now that I’m not using virtualenv and just using the base system folder, I’ve lose setuptools and pip. 617 more words