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The good ol' days

Charlie got this to commemorate the days where me had wet shaves with cut throats and smoked fine tobaccos from a pipe.


Sir Puggington the Third

I thought I’d continue with the pipe theme from yesterday and post this little stunner from Amy Savage.

Everyone knows that animals in hats are hilarious, it’s science. 29 more words


Smoking kills

Something about pipes just translate really well into tattoos. I guess it’s more that smoke looks cool, but there is no elegance whatsoever in cigarette tattoos! 20 more words


A Phatt memorial

I generally find memorial tattoos to be a bit cringey, but this is freaking awesome.

By Phatt German from No Regrets Tattoo in Cheltenham.


Holy Moses

It appears that it’s not just dogs that will bring a man his pipe and slippers. It does however seem that crabs can’t carry them all at once. 12 more words


A state of Fluxx

Benjamin Fluxx from Octopus Tattoo in Derby has been putting out some very nice work lately. I find this piece in particular rather fetching.