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Obama Has Stolen The Internet, and Is Most Likely a Nazi

This week, in Bobland, we have rantings and ravings on oBaMa, Hitler, the pipeline, and net neutrality:

Don’t try to speak logically to Bob, it causes his illiteracy to flare up. 56 more words

Constitution Pipeline: ‘The Keystone Pipeline of Natural Gas’

By Ted Glick, EcoWatch

“This Constitution pipeline is about enriching a few billionaires by impoverishing the people of New York State,” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. 912 more words


Roanoke County to Consider Forming Regional Coalition to Oppose Pipeline

By Duncan Adams, Roanoke Times

They said they were sorry. And then they did it again.

On Friday, Butch Church, a member of the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors, expressed his frustration with the companies pitching the Mountain Valley Pipeline, a buried interstate natural gas pipeline that could travel through Roanoke County and other counties in the region. 890 more words


PowerShell04 – Pipeline, Filtering, Grouping and Sorting examples

PowerShell pipeline takes the output from one command and sends it as input
to another command.

Simple Example:

Get-Process | Select name,ID,CPU
Get-Date | Get-Member -MemberType Property
… 169 more words

Utilize the Strategy Design Pattern for Content Editor Warnings in Sitecore

This post is a continuation of a series of posts I’m putting together around using design patterns in Sitecore implementations, and will show a “proof of concept” around using the… 2,566 more words


Pipeline may carry crude oil through southern Illinois

CARBONDALE, Ill. (AP) _ A Texas-based company is converting an existing natural gas pipeline that runs through southern Illinois to transport crude oil.

Energy Transfer Partners spokeswoman Vicki Granado says the converted line would be part of a proposed new pipeline that could transport 450,000 barrels each day from oil fields in North Dakota. 85 more words


Trying to Pull a Fast One? Dominion Gives Too-Short Notice to Landowners

By Brian Carlton, Waynesboro News Virginian

WAYNESBORO — Letters sent out to landowners impacted by the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in Augusta, Buckingham and Nelson counties violated state law, project opponents say. 492 more words