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The Bee on PennEast’s Nose

The over 1,500 Motions to Intervene for the PennEast Pipeline project is becoming a bee on their nose.

PennEast was fairly dismissive about the number of Motions to Intervene (MOI) which were filed from September 25 to October 30, 2015. 882 more words

Expert panel report highlights oil spill research gaps

CALGARY — A report by the Royal Society of Canada says there are major research gaps when it comes to understanding the environmental impacts of oil spills in water. 565 more words


Your Tuesday Update: More Pipelines?

So, they want to build a natural gas pipeline in New England that would likely involve taking some land through eminent domain and would certainly involve exposing more land and water to contamination from leaks. 235 more words

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Trans Mountain pipeline price tag closer to $7B, still 'viable': Kinder Morgan

CALGARY – The Trans Mountain pipeline expansion is getting more expensive, but the company planning to build it says the economic case for the project is still strong. 562 more words


Icarus Flew Close to the Sun and Kept His Wings - Review of The Icarus Prediction

R.D. Grupa has written a thriller that ought to be read in one or two sittings to do the novel justice. I say this because of the number of plots and characters, two topics which will likely be unfamiliar to most readers—oil pipelines and Wall Street finance, and two settings, Chechnya and Georgia (the country). 343 more words

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Pipeline Infrastructure Task FARCE


The Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force (PITF) claims to welcome public participation. It mentions the part about public participation at least 55 times in its draft report. 122 more words