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BRE Pipeline Framework v1.5.5 released - Added missing WCF context properties to enumerations

I have just released a new version v1.5.5 of the BRE Pipeline Framework to the CodePlex project page.  This is a relatively minor update in that it only adds some missing WCF context properties to the enumerations used to get and set WCF context properties. 103 more words


The Revolution is over and you are President of a small country...

Here you are, your first day as President Zee of Landistan. The blue and gold Landistan flag proudly waves over your brand new office building, equipped with  gleaming furniture made from the finest local mahogany. 423 more words

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Portland powers city by flushing toilets

Hydro-electric turbines have been installed in one of the main water pipelines in Portland, Oregon, utilizing the water pressure to produce electricity.

The turbines work where water is flowing downhill, and are already recouping some of the energy cost in keeping the water system running.  210 more words


Wars on alcohol, drugs, prostitution, pipelines…why not just waste your time playing video games?

There’s always something going on in society that really bugs certain segments of the population, either because they don’t get any enjoyment out of it or because they deem the activity too harmful to be allowed to continue. 809 more words

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Thoughts on luigi

Luigi is a spotify tool that enables the encoding of dependencies between tasks. The idea being that it abstracts away all the headaches associated with checking tasks finished ok, and kicking off dependencies. 227 more words

Segmentation – A Pipeline Loophole

In 2014 the Delaware Riverkeeper Network (DRN) successfully won a lawsuit against the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). The lawsuit involved the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company’s (TGP) Northeast Upgrade Project (NEUP). 580 more words