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Eco-terrorists shut down five U.S. pipelines

Rebel Media’s Holly Nicholas reports that eco-terorists have been arrested in the U.S. for trying to shut down five pipelines carrying Canadian oilsands crude from North Dakota to the Gulf Coast.

Fossil Fuels

Proposed pipeline: Orca pathway

December 1, 2016

I know many Canadians (and people around the world)will be saying that jobs are more important than the environment and the animals as well as plants that live in it. 623 more words

Non-peaceful pipeline protests will be met by police and military, federal minister tells Edmonton business leaders

Two days after the federal government approved two major pipeline projects, two feelings are surfacing in Alberta’s business sector — elation that the approval has finally been given and concern that protests may keep the line from being built at all. 516 more words

Local News

Michael Den Tandt: Elizabeth May, get ready for the big house because pipelines are coming

Let the wailing, hair-tearing and gnashing of teeth begin. Let Green Party leader Elizabeth May be fitted with her prison smock.

But also, let there be no mistake: It was inevitable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would approve the $6.8-billion expansion of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline. 800 more words

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Greed: Enough is Never Enough

“He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough.” Lao Tzu

It seems like every time I get into a discussion regarding topics such as homelessness, poverty, and addiction services, somehow the argument becomes about people wanting free stuff.  602 more words


What’s Going on at Standing Rock? “Kill the Buffalo: Starve and Freeze the Natives”


For most of this year, since April 2016, the Great Sioux Nation has gathered, along with its allies and supporters, to protect its treaty lands, with the sacred waters, the animal relatives, sacred sites, and burial sites, from the “Black Snake” (the Dakota Access Pipe Line, DAPL). 790 more words


Pipe dreams

Canada’s sunny leader, Justin Trudeau, has spoken. This week he gave his government’s decision on three pipeline projects promoted by Alberta to get their fossil fuels to market. 849 more words