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Environmentalists Trash LA. Pipeline Equipment

Construction equipment owned by the company constructing the Bayou Bridge pipeline in Louisiana has been vandalized in which the cost estimates total about $50,000. The pipeline company blames environmentalists for the sabotage. 237 more words

Fossil Fuels

E.U. Settles With Russia’s Gazprom Over Antitrust Charges


The settlement could mark the end of a long legal tangle. But countries that have long been squeezed by the energy company complained that it should have been fined. 6 more words


Five Ways Trump is Reversing Obama's "Legacy"

Last Thursday, President Trump quietly lifted an Obama-Era executive order that required federal agencies to reduce their use of fossil fuels and was geared to help combat climate change. 80 more words


Don't flush it, throw​ it. The Unraveled Truth Behind "Flushable" Wet Wipes.

Hey Guys!

This is Jen is a mother who uses wet wipes all the time to clean the moth of their babies when they are eating, to remove any dirty surface at her car and she also uses this product in the bathroom – for obvious reasons. 281 more words


Markets Unprepared For $80 Oil Shock

By James Puplava – Re-Blogged From http://www.Silver-Phoenix500.com

The summer driving season is just around the corner and this year motorists are facing steeper prices for fuel, up from an average of $2.19 a gallon in 2016 to $2.87 today. 594 more words

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Jason Kenney stands by saying Trudeau 'can't read a briefing note longer than a cocktail napkin'

Alberta United Conservative Leader Jason Kenney is standing by his personal attack on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whom he called empty and clueless.

Kenney says, from his experience, Trudeau struggles with nuanced political issues, particularly the contentious debate around the expansion of the… 892 more words