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Friday came fast, but fighting's faster...

It’s my Favorite day of the week again, and I’ve got a good share here for you. Ever hear of Piper Bayard of Bayard and Holmes? 277 more words

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SPYCRAFT: Essentials for Writers...Taking the Fiction Out of Fiction

Bayard & Holmes

~ Piper Bayard and Jay Holmes

Dear Readers and Fellow Writers . . . We are pleased to announce that our upcoming release, SPYCRAFT: ESSENTIALS FOR WRITERS, is now available on pre-sale at Amazon with a release date set for June 5. 308 more words
Bayard & Holmes

Americans Tricked Into Working For Russia

Bayard & Holmes

~ Piper Bayard

Subversion, subversion, subversion . . . When Americans are divided and allow ourselves to see our own countrymen as the “other,” we give our enemies, such as Russia, opportunities to tear our nation apart. 89 more words

Bayard & Holmes