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The Stony ..... make that the Tony Curtis Poster Gallery

I for one like Tony Curtis on screen during his leading man era. He had a fun, likable presence in many a bedroom romp. Flicks like Operation Petticoat were regular Sunday afternoon fare as was Some Like It Hot. 347 more words


MOVIE REVIEW | The Hustler (1961)

In a nutshell, Bored & Dangerous says: “Not only does Newman have the amazing charisma to personify Felson at his cockiest when on top, there’s also a vulnerability to Newman that shines through when we see cracks in Felson’s cocksure facade.” 592 more words


Chiller Theatre Expo Spring 2016

As I teased in my last post, the end of April posed to be a great weekend for me, and it was. The weekend kicked off with my semi-annual visit to New Jersey’s flagship autograph show, the Chiller Theatre Expo. 1,328 more words

Autograph Shows

Sandra and her sisters

Until They Sail (1957): Sandra Dee is sweet and unspoiled as the teen-age sister saddened by her family’s misfortunes. The New York Times.

Carrie (1976)

An awkward and unpopular high school girl reaches sexual maturity and discovers she has the power of telekenesis.

Almost inevitably, Brian DePalma’s tale of supernatural vengeance is based upon a Stephen King story and right from the opening scene full of full frontal nudity in a girl’s locker room that is so gratuitous it crosses the line into outright seediness, it displays his usual level of subtlety and sophistication. 163 more words


Dawn at Socorro (1954)

Though this Universal International western quickie may not be overly memorable it has one outstanding exchange between an extra portraying a railroad station master and Rory Calhoun. 647 more words

Daily Take

Carrie (1976)

(Blu-Ray, Rated R, Running Time: 98 minutes)

Carrie White is a shy, awkward girl who is tormented by her classmates at school and oppressed by her religious zealot mother at home. 612 more words