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Bent Danger Poker Cob

I began wondering recently about customizing corncob pipes and decided to give it a whirl. This is a Dagner Poker from Missouri Meerschaum, I  got this in one of the 10 pipe grab bags that they put out with the seconds. 259 more words


Mid September

Hi everyone, fairly sunny morning today here on the outskirts of London, not a quiet day,  a local roofing company who have maintained this and our previous home for some 30 years are  clearing gutters, extending down pipes, securing tiles, all in all keeping this eighty plus year old house in good shape. 356 more words

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the most visible exhaust component is the tail pipe. You can easily see it protruding from your car’s rear. This part extends from the muffler to your car’s rear and serves as the final passageway of the exhaust gases before they are released to the atmosphere. 58 more words

Why HDPE Pipes Are Better Options For Your Piping Needs?

HDPE is thermoplastic pipe which is manufactured with the help of material that is easier to melt and alter. Not only the material has a flexible and rugged design, it comes with superior chemical resistance and environmental benefits. 665 more words

HDPE Pipes Manufacturers

The importance of installing a booster pump

Until the wretched moment where the water supply is lost at home, we take continuous and steady flow of water for granted. The dependence on water is thus realized as everyday activities such as bathing, laundry, dishes etc come to a halt. 355 more words


Threads and Processes (pt 2)

Unix File Descriptors

  • Used for I/O redirection
  • File Descriptors are small integers
  • 0-2 are initially assigned file descriptors
    • 0 > stdin
    • 1 > stdout
    • 2 > stderr…
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Pipe Clean Up and Modification 2

Just an update on my newly modified pipe. I let it dry over a couple of days and found that she’s a good smoker, but the bowl is too big for the size. 18 more words