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Hi ladies. ✨

If you follow me over on snapchat you will know I bought the fabulous Pippa Pallette from Cloud10Beauty.com last week and within two days it arrived at my door. 623 more words


Croisse derrière - lengthen - from the finger tip to the toes ~ 

this line

I like this correction – I have never thought about it – but when I did this little thing – it made a big difference in the mirror – think about lengthening this line… 7 more words


Pique devant & derrière : don't get onto the leg when the leg is not straight ~ 

Mrs marsden always said that as well : )

Also in the centre pippa reminded us – the second leg shall come in more quickly


Keep it long - don't immediately lose your standing leg's hip when you lift the other leg ! 

Don’t . Keep the standing side hip lifted and weight still in the centre . If we lose out hips when we lean on the barre . 17 more words


Put the heel down in between releves ~ 

I’m very grateful that pippa requested that – because I need to go into a good plie to come up onto releve again (also actually I know when I do faster sissone combinations such as temps de cruisse – i usually plie in between the jumps w/o putting heels down so that I could catch up w/ the tempo) but I shall work on it at some point ~


Pippa's Palette has arrived!

Happy Monday ladies, and what a lovely Monday it has been for me!

The postman was very good to me today and delivered my #pippaspalette this morning. 91 more words