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The Zine Collector Video/Podcast Episode 004: 2018 Year of the Perzine Part Two: Consent & Copyright

Hello, dear and wonderful zine friends! It’s that time again.

This episode, I’m tackling issues of consent and copyright when writing perzines (writing about other people). 340 more words


1.12 Breaking The News

A couple weeks into her and J’s relationship, things were going great. He was sweet and attentive, and he was over almost every minute while Bella was at school. 578 more words


My Goals for Pippa

Somewhere along the line, I haven’t been as proactive about my dog exercising. She turned six in November, and she’s overweight. I hate that I’ve allowed my job, the weather, and any other excuse to take precedence over Pippa and her health. 423 more words

Dog Health

1.10 Score

When Pippa came back, Adriana had never been more thankful. Bella had been a wreck every since their kitty ran away, and it woke Adriana up a bit. 400 more words


Pippa - "Meet"- part 1

Pippa spent a lovely afternoon driving around the countryside looking for a quaint pub to take the girls for lunch next weekend, the warm sun on her face and wind in her hair. 396 more words

70s Party Girl

1.9 Running Scared

The weeks flew by, and before Adriana knew it, Bella was a toddler, and was proving to be… a challenge.

Her perfect angel was gone, and now there was a monster living in her house. 294 more words


1.8 Changes

Despite baby Bella’s entrance into Adriana’s life, she was determined not to lose track of her other commitments and made Candy and Jade promise to force her to get out of the house once in a while. 437 more words