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Nuit Debout. A new bottom-up movement on the streets of France

Arena Magazine 142 2016, 130-134. Read the original here.

Since Tahrir Square and Zuccotti Park, the occupation of public space has imposed itself as the Left’s globally favoured mode of confrontation with the standing political order. 3,514 more words

Islamophobia, secularism and the French Left

Solidarity online, 19 August 2016. Read the original here.


For as long as Muslim people have been living in modern France, they have endured violence and exploitation at the hands of French capital and the French state. 5,004 more words


Super-early sneak peek at a new Uberthons marathon event in fall 2018

Here at Run Oregon, we usually preview races about 2-4 weeks ahead of time, so I’m jumping the gun by about 11 months. But I’m totally amped about this race, because I have been waiting for years – literally – for local race organizer… 741 more words


PIR project. Perception for Industrial Robots

Collaborative robots or Co-ROBOTs is a new trending concept for industrial robots, where robots instead of being isolated from humans (this reduces the flexibility and productivity in production lines), they work alongside humans. 217 more words

PIR Project

PIR and Dual Tech Motion Sensors

Michael Emmons is a Kansas City, Missouri-based entrepreneur. Since January 2000, Michael Emmons has orchestrated the growth of a startup alarm company to over $70 million in sales per year. 187 more words

Michael Emmons

Different Tax on SmartShares and SuperLife ETF

Recently a tax accountant contacted me regarding my post on comparing cost on ETF investing between SmartShares and Superlife. He pointed out that apart from the admin fee and management cost, investors also need to consider the tax implication when investing. 991 more words


Lipton Pear & Peach

Rasa teh yang kelat disempurnakan pula oleh masam manis buah pir & pic memang kena. Lagi2 bila diminum sejuk. Perghh!