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A Revisit of the PT2262 PT2272 with Arduino and r06a Receiver

A year ago, on July 19th, reader Jeff posted that he had an inexpensive Chinese motion detectors that used the 2262 chipset. He was having some trouble getting it working with the r06a receiver as in my July 2012 post – … 1,282 more words


Lighting The Great Indoors With A Solar Security Light

Look at any list of things to do to make your house less attractive to the criminal element and you’ll likely find “add motion sensing lights” among the pro tips. 199 more words

Home Hacks

চরমোনাই পীর এর ভণ্ডামি ৩

মাওলানা এছহাক চাদপুর জেলার ঊজানী এলাকার পীর মরহুম ক্বারি ইব্রাহিমের কাছ থেকে ১৯৪৬ সালে খেলাফত লাভ করেন॥

মাওলানা এছহাক পরবর্তীতে কয়েক জন সাগরেদ নিয়ে বরিশাল সদর থানার উত্তর পুর্বকোনে কীর্তন খোলা নদীর তীরে চরমোনাই দরবার গড়ে তুলেন।


My Harvard Post-Interview Reflection (PIR)

Harvard asks you to write a post interview reflection (PIR) within 24 hours of your interview. Many have said that there is little you can do in this reflection to get in, but there are a few things you can do to eliminate yourself. 518 more words


Profit Feeling Some Pressure at Pier 1

Pier 1 Imports Inc. (NYSE: PIR) reported first-quarter fiscal 2016 results before after markets closed Wednesday. The home furnishing retailer reported earnings per share (EPS) of $0.08 on revenues of $432 million. 365 more words


Strong Data/Weak Data Arguments and The Value of Being Impatient

Disclaimer: I should point out that one of the reasons why I poke fun at the Bourgeoisie is because I think it’s a really bad thing to have rigid social hierarchies. 2,450 more words


Are Pier 1 Imports Growth Plans Still on Track?

Pier 1 Imports Inc. (NYSE: PIR) is set to report its fiscal first-quarter earnings after the markets close Wednesday. There are consensus estimates from Thomson Reuters of $0.08 in earnings per share (EPS) on $434.53 million in revenue. 258 more words