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To write or not to write

When I visit my nearest multiplex, I feel like I am there to watch half an hour of commerials. When I visit multiplex, I feel like I am there to consume their overpriced snacks.And when I finally start to watch the film there, I feel like I am watching a juxtaposition of product placement and a final product with intention of becoming a huge franchise.No matter how bad the movie is, I wish to find few traits of the maker in the film itself.I find the movie very much disconnected from the person who made it.I try to find few traces of the artist throughout the film but they are very rare.The whole film feels like a mass garbage that is so attractive from the outer layer and produced by keeping in mind that it has to be consumed much as possible by mass population.I start to get annoyed by the couples around me making out.I soon realised that I was feeling bad for visiting the multiplex for just one reason than the one I mentioned above ; the films that play on it. 1,006 more words


The Pirate Bay is hijacking your browser to mine cryptocurrency

I’m not one to pass judgement on anyone who illegally downloads movies, TV shows, or music, but if you’re visiting a site in order to find media to steal, you probably shouldn’t be surprised that the site you’re using is stealing something from you, too. 328 more words


Jack Morse: The secret, illicit [piracy] underside of Google Drive

Turns out that Google Drive is a whole lot less buttoned up than you may have thought.

The file-sharing service typically associated with spreadsheets and office life has a dirty little secret, and it’s one that our Mountain View overlords may not be so stoked on. 221 more words

Artist News

#BCM241: Regulating Audiences

This week: Regulating Audiences

  • fears (moral panics) over the introduction of new technologies and the need to ‘protect’ the vulnerable from these influences.

Media use in public: Your rules… 204 more words


Seriously, how difficult can it be to torrent anime?

Well, excuse the rant, but turns out it's actually quite difficult, all things considered.

Especially when it comes to Re:Creators. Finding a decent torrent with 720/480p video quality; .mkv container type and… 48 more words


Chinese Overseas Labor Recuitment, 1800s

From Singapore: Unlikely Power, by John Curtis Perry (Oxford U. Press, 2017), Kindle Loc. 2328-68:

During the nineteenth century, in seaports along the China coast, … it was not a good idea for a Chinese man then to walk alone along the waterfront, especially after dark.

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