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Piriformis: The Muscle Behind The Pain- In Your Behind

Being one of the most irritated spots on the body, the Piriformis muscle can really become a pain in the rear. The Piriformis is a small, pear-shaped muscle located deep within the buttock (behind the gluteus maximus) and it runs diagonally, as the sciatic nerve runs vertically beneath it. 475 more words

Sometimes, You Just Have to Listen, for...

Faced with physical symptoms which I knew had metaphysical foundations, I finally did the Louise Hay and more research on what I already suspected.  I knew there was a metaphysical reason for the last weeks’ pain and suffering, but I just would not stop to take the time to figure it all out.   109 more words

Piriformis Syndrome

There is a sneaky little muscle in your bum that often makes your back , or legs hurt.

It’s sneaky as, whether or not you have a booty or a skinny ass,  its a muscle that hides underneath the big ( or skinny?) obvious bits. 223 more words

How to Perform a Piriformis Stretch Safely and Effectively

It is entirely possible that you haven’t heard of the piriformis muscle, and for that matter the piriformis stretch. How to perform it the right way? 32 more words

Sciatica or Piriformis Syndrome? Either way, it's a pain in the butt...

What is sciatica?

A term commonly associated with pain, numbness, weakness and tingling in the regions of the buttocks, lower back and backs of the legs. 482 more words


Walking the World

Walking is a fantastic aerobic exercise. It allows for increased heartrate, muscle toning, and improved breathing. Hiking, power walking, jogging, and uphill climbing all fall under the ‘walking’ exercises. 253 more words

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The "Big" Sleep

I slept last night! It wasn’t exactly well or pretty, pain-free or enough, but there was actual sleep.

I fell asleep quickly sometime around midnight and was able to sleep on my side without immediate pain. 250 more words