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Training Week 11/2/15 to 11/8/15: Stepping Forward, Stepping Back

Hey! Seems like not only have I taken a break from running, I’ve also taken a brief hiatus from blogging. I guess not being on a steady training schedule threw me off my blog game too, and while I remember being a bit cavalier about having a weekly summary, perhaps that type of structure does me well. 1,078 more words


Down but not yet out

Note: these are my personal views, and not those of Motherwell AC, Scottish Athletics or Jax Teller.

As I had said previously I am currently waiting for NHS physio due to ongoing problems. 1,057 more words

A Look at Sciatica.

Sciatic pain comes in different forms- some people report a stabbing pain in the lower back, while others feel areas of tingling or numbness down the leg. 636 more words

Injury File

Jakarta Piriformis Jujitsu

After 28 hours in-transit arrived from Portland OR to Jakarta, day flipped, body whacked, and ready to recoup and jump on in.  Managed to do so, until, just as jet-lag wobble was evaporating, a piriformis attack hobbled left leg and the 24/7 dose of oscillating pain took its toll on energies and psyche.   1,860 more words

Race Report: I'll never be your Beast of Burden

I didn’t feel quite right warming up, and by mile 35, I was really struggling.

But as I pulled into Lockport, New York, I didn’t know this was going to happen.   2,158 more words


Clarified PiriStretcherreg for Piriformis Stretching

Regularly, a common source of piriformis syndrome is having tight adductor muscles (inside your thigh). An alternative purported cause for piriformis syndrome is stiffness, or hypo mobility, of the sacroiliac joints. 169 more words

The Secret to Sciatic Pain

Sciatica is a complex problem that many of us have either experienced, or know someone that has.  “Sciatic pain” however, is not just one problem but an umbrella term used to describe many different problems that cause the sensation of nerve pain in the area of the body controlled by the sciatic nerve. 382 more words