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Worse than Labor

Today’s Workout:
The Plan: 45 Minutes Strength
The Actual: Full Rest – see below :-(

I have a high tolerance for pain.  Like REALLY high.  Case in point, when the nurse teaching my sister’s birthing class said that any woman who goes natural AND has pitocin should have “BAD ASS” tattooed across her forehead, she simply turned to my brother-in-law, smirked, and said, “Yea, that was my sister.”  When she retold this story to me, I laughed and then said, “It really wasn’t that bad other than the last 20 minutes.   523 more words


Stretching is hard

I am starting the week feeling refreshed and ready for an exciting week ahead! I love when I have plans scheduled for nearly every evening of the work week! 371 more words


Running Essentials (Vol. 1)

Being a runner myself, and working with a good amount of road warriors leaves me sympathetic to some of the wear and tear suffered due to this (sometimes) healthy addiction.  734 more words

General Information

Not much of a blogger...

So I’m failing miserably at this blogging malarkey!

Since my last post, I’ve run the Berlin Marathon in 4:31 and the Brighton Marathon in 4:24. 415 more words

My feet physiology to help you interpret my shoe reviews

It’s hard to use my running shoe experience to predict your experience without a bit of quantitative reference points. I am including some measurements of my feet while standing up (weight on feet). 391 more words

Movement Breaks for the Office (part 1)

By now you’ve heard about the benefits of sitting less a time or two. Maybe you’ve created a standing desk or experimented with sitting on the floor in a  640 more words

Pictures Of Exercises