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It’s like a Jelly Donut | Health Update

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a health update. Okay, I know, I know. Let’s just skip this awkward moment and jump right into it, shall we? 829 more words


Natural ways to treat Sciatica Pain during Pregnancy

Sciatica, is pain tingling or numbness running down, your buttocks and thigh. In pregnancy it’s cause by pressure of the uterus on your sciatic nerve. There are two sciatic nerves that run down our lower back and legs to our feet. 378 more words


My Pain in the Butt (Piriformis)

I actually wrote this before Christmas, but forgot to post it, so it’s a little old… but I wanted to get it up…

Piriformis Trouble (Aka… A Pain in the Ass) 1,002 more words



U: Os Sacrum, ventralt

F: Trochanter Major, insidan av spetsen

FU: Utåtrotation i art.coxae

Vid mer än 60 graders flexion i art.coxae byter muskeln dragriktning och gör inåtrotation i art.coxae… 80 more words


Training Week 11/2/15 to 11/8/15: Stepping Forward, Stepping Back

Hey! Seems like not only have I taken a break from running, I’ve also taken a brief hiatus from blogging. I guess not being on a steady training schedule threw me off my blog game too, and while I remember being a bit cavalier about having a weekly summary, perhaps that type of structure does me well. 1,078 more words


Down but not yet out

Note: these are my personal views, and not those of Motherwell AC, Scottish Athletics or Jax Teller.

As I had said previously I am currently waiting for NHS physio due to ongoing problems. 1,057 more words

A Look at Sciatica.

Sciatic pain comes in different forms- some people report a stabbing pain in the lower back, while others feel areas of tingling or numbness down the leg. 636 more words

Injury File