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AT 2016 Flashbacks Pt. 12: Daleville to Glasgow, VA

After arriving in Daleville, the pain throughout my back and right leg was not getting any better. I decided to schedule a doctor’s appointment which I was avoiding, since I had no health insurance even though I applied for it (which is another story). 724 more words


Bol u stražnjici - Piriformis sindrom


Piriformis sindrom je izuzetno teško i bolno stanje gdje mišić piriformis, smješten duboko kod mišića stražnjice, pritišće bedreni živac i tako stvara bol koja ide niz nogu. 575 more words

Body Movement

Sciatic Nerve

This is your sciatic nerve!

It is the largest nerve in the body.
Sciatic pain can be caused from a variety of reasons. Perhaps an injury has damaged the nerve, or perhaps wear and tear means a bulging spinal disc is pressing on the nerve. 76 more words


Massage & Sciatica

Sciatica is inflammation of the sciatic nerve. Pain usually originates in the lower back or hip & travels down one side of the posterior thigh & leg, but both sides may be affected. 565 more words


New Routine

I, like many runners, have weak glutes.  This manifests in calves, knees, hamstrings, and in my case…hips.  I fall victim to piriformis syndrome as a result of my hip weaknesses.   331 more words




5 minute PVC turkish get-ups


100′ walking lunges

50 sit-ups

100′ walking lunges

10 turkish get -ups 45/35

100′ walking lunges

50 sit-ups… 13 more words