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A Pain in the Butt

You’re 12 weeks into your marathon training program; while out on a long run, you develop a sharp pain in your buttocks. As you continue to run, the pain persists. 33 more words


A Real Pain in the @ss

Butts are funny things. Everyone seems to want to modify theirs It needs to be bigger, smaller, higher, tighter, fatter, or even phatter. We decorate them. 398 more words


I've learned my lesson and become better for it.

What a philosophical title to what is a a blog post about listening to your body and learning from past mistakes.

Week 4 long run saw me struggle through a very nippy glute – possibly the piriformis but I’m no expert. 229 more words


The leg cross drill

This M.E.T ( muscle energy technique) gets your glutes working again.

It isn’t the whole story but a useful drill if your piriformis is giving you “jip”

Back Pain