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Training for the Cooper River Bridge Run (March 23-29)

I’m not actively training for a goal race right now, but the Cooper River Bridge Run was Saturday, so I decided to title this week’s training log appropriately. 577 more words

Training Log

Recovery ......Run, it's like Garlic.......Bread!

If you’re a fan of comedian Peter Kay, you’ll get my blog title. Recovery and run aren’t two words I’d generally put together but I’ve been running long enough to know it must be done. 493 more words

Ladies Of A Certain Age

These days...

…These days I can’t speak to someone for what feels like more than one minute without mentioning the words marathon, miles, 26.2 and I might die. 383 more words


Spring update - gluteal strenght

When I started this blog i did it by welcoming winter and snow, which is always fun in October, with the darkest time of year ahead of you. 510 more words


Piriformis testing and correcting

About the Piriformis muscle

The piriformis muscle is part of the lateral rotators of the hip, along with the quadratus femoris, gemellus inferior, gemellus superior, obturator externus, and obturator internus.

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More Recovery Update 3

It has been another week of recovering and running…

To update you I believe I’m slowly getting better from my issues.  This is from a number of factors including aggressively going to a chiropractor, stretching and getting deep tissues massages on my leg.  380 more words