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Walking the World

Walking is a fantastic aerobic exercise. It allows for increased heartrate, muscle toning, and improved breathing. Hiking, power walking, jogging, and uphill climbing all fall under the ‘walking’ exercises. 253 more words

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The "Big" Sleep

I slept last night! It wasn’t exactly well or pretty, pain-free or enough, but there was actual sleep.

I fell asleep quickly sometime around midnight and was able to sleep on my side without immediate pain. 250 more words


The Morning After

I did not sleep last night. Well, I might have had a grand total of an hour of sleep, but the rest of the night was basically torture. 469 more words


Bodywork for that pain in the behind

I’ve been working with several clients lately who are suffering from hip pain. Interestingly enough, I myself have been experiencing the same discomfort! It seems I learn a lot about my own healing by helping others. 594 more words



It just hit me… I have been unemployed for 8 weeks, that is 2 months.  I mentioned to a friend that it had been only 3 weeks since i had finished work and that I was surprised that friends kept asking me ‘how are the job offers going?’  After I checked the calendar, it’s 8 weeks!   1,093 more words


Piriformis: Exploring Hip Rotators

Our hips are one of the most mobile joints of the body thanks to their ‘ball and socket’ design.  One of the primary movements of the hips is rotation.   591 more words


Tuesdays on the Run: Getting my Mileage Up Again

I’m happy to report that my mileage is getting back up again. I ran 5 of 7 days this week and nearly got in 20 miles. 205 more words

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