Why your Piropos are never a compliment, Nunca , JAMAS! Catcalling in Colombia

I’ve been living in Bogota, Colombia for 6 months now, and thats a hell of a lot less than most women living here. But we all share one problem, one plague that affects our daily lives. 841 more words

la egoïsta

“Aqui viene la egoïsta.” (Here comes the egoist)

That’s what I heard from a man sitting on the side of the street today as I left the school on the way to a teacher’s house this afternoon. 399 more words

No son cumplidos. Entiendan

Bienvenidos a la primera queja del blog! Debo ser honesta y decir que me demore muchisimo en escribir ya que no me decidia con que queja partir (tengo mucho de que quejarme). 345 more words

A Week in Conversations; AKA, the Week I Fell in Love


After my most challenging group of teenaged mothers gave me a quiet, productive class as an unsuspecting 6-months-in-Colombia gift, one of them decided to braid a flower into my hair before going to lunch. 929 more words

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VIDEO: Los Mejores Piropos Para Conocer Chicas

¿Cuál ha sido el mejor piropo que te han o has dicho?

Aqui unos chicos han hecho un video de los mejores piropos para conquistar a una chica, como este: 19 more words


Piropos al espejo.

“Si vis pacem para bellum” reza un precepto latino lo suficientemente antiguo como para que concluyamos en que no es nueva la idea de que hay que hacerse temer. 568 more words

Pájaro De Mal Agüero

Why I Resent Being A Woman in Buenos Aires

If you’re a woman and you’re traveled through Latin America, you can already guess where this is going. If you haven’t been through Latin America or you’re a traditional-looking man, let me regale you with some tales. 1,046 more words