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Daydream Nation (1988)

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There is very little that can be said about this album that hasn’t already been said; in fact, I once read a book solely about it ( you can do the same… 2,409 more words

April '15 - Sonic Youth

The inaugural Artist In Residence…

LUKE: One of the things that’s always intrigued me is the name. Picking a good name for a band is a minefield, but these guys got it right. 1,653 more words

Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

Where do I begin with Mellon Collie and the Infinite? Also what better way to celebrate Music, Movies, General Life and Such’s first anniversary than with a review than with a review of one of the defining albums of my life? 476 more words

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Pisces Iscariot

My next Pumpkins review takes me to the unusual grounds of Pisces Iscariot. The album that isn’t really an album. Pisces Iscariot was actually just a mix tape of some b-sides and covers and things that was put together for the die hard fans at the time. 275 more words

Album Review

ALBUM REVIEW: "Pisces Iscariot [Deluxe Edition]" - Smashing Pumpkins

1994/2012, EMI

Billy Corgan doesn’t do things by half. Since November 2011, Smashing Pumpkins have been remastering and reissuing their vast back catalogue in chronological order. 823 more words


The Smashing Pumkins: Pisces Iscariot (2012 Reissue)

I am generally dubious about B-sides and rarities albums. Too often they are lazy cash cows for tapped out artists, but Pisces Iscariot is the glittering exception to the rule. 126 more words


Smashing Pumpkins to Re-Issue 1994 Album 'Pisces Iscariot'

EMI Music’s extensive reissue campaign honoring the legacy of The Smashing Pumpkins continues July 17th in North America and July 16th internationally. That’s when the iconic alternative band’s third album… 382 more words

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