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The Daily Moon ~ February 9, 2016 ~ A Fish Story

Early this morning, Our Lady entered the watery realm of Pisces. Before evening arrives, she will rush into the arms of Neptune, her only aspect of the day. 89 more words


Mars trine Chiron : Willful Creation/Healing of Fractured Visionary Reality

We create from what we can imagine. We are living right now inside the imaginings of people whose mental illness makes them believe they are superior to other human beings.

725 more words

25 To Crisis

On February, 22nd of this year I will be turning 25 years old.. and it’s absolutely terrifying.

Most people that I know from childhood have their lives figured out: houses, cars, careers, kids. 198 more words


Astrological Musings & More

In Chinese astrology, this is the year of the Monkey…but not just any monkey…it’s the Fire Monkey.

The general description of people born in this year is that they are fun, but hate confinement. 1,283 more words


The Clash of the Zodiac: Subjective vs. Objective

I’ve been engrossed with writing and researching for my astrology book, the Zodiac Abstract. And I came across a polarity between the first and last 6 signs of the zodiac that I wanted to explore in concise depth. 1,659 more words

The Zodiac

#JWI: Four

Q: What are three things that truly impact your life, other than people?

  1. Principles (and keeping them).
  2. Dogs.
  3. Intellectual furthering.


I didn’t consider zodiac compatibiliy before but having read agreeable articles about the dynamics of the supposed personalities, I’m close to believing it’s possible. 541 more words


Absentee Again...My Week In Photos: February 5th-January 29th

{My absence is horrendous…and my many apologies lay at your feet, waiting to be judged.}

There are ugly parts

About me that I want to keep… 294 more words

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