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11 Things You Need To Know Before You Date A Pisces

1. Pisces are old souls. They are intelligent and artistic. They will never be with someone who is phoney or stupid or negative.

2. Creativity and the ability to express themselves is of utmost importance to the Pisces. 429 more words

Pisces Moon in Relationships

People born under the moon in pisces have an intense, often complicated, urge to merge. This requires a bit of explaining, because like everything piscean—it’s incredibly nuanced. 563 more words

Mutable Signs





About Mutable Sign:  Highly adaptable, these people embrace change. They’re very resourceful when it comes to most things. These signs know how to go with the flow. 6 more words

Mutable Signs

Intro to Tarot - Study Group on the Moon Card

⦁ The Moon can be associated with Pisces. It also contains very Cancerian imagery. Cancer is represented in the water; Cancer is ruled by the Moon. 100 more words


Pisces ~ Zodiac Tarot Reading for August (video!)

Pisces ~ August Reading 2016
The Deck: The Green Witch Tarot, book by Ann Moura, art by Kiri Ostergaard Leonard
The Witch’s Corner ~
http://amythystraine.blogspot.com… 83 more words


Rahu In Virgo - Ketu in Pisces - Part 3

The house place of the Ketu demonstrates the range in which a past incarnation achieved Cosmic Understanding. The house place of the Rahu demonstrates the territory through which crystallization can now bring that understanding into material reality. 931 more words