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Hard Aspects Working Together

Not sure if anyone else tries this or not but I will share my experience anyway.

Recently I’ve been really frustrated with the hard aspects in my Natal Chart that just seem impossible to cope with sometimes, impossible to make sense of or to “change” to be stronger. 611 more words

Natal Chart

Of Parlance and Pastimes


Online and in real life, legions of romance fans claim that stylized stereotypes mainstreamed in popular media are all in good fun and totally harmless; and that dissenters are either imagining or exaggerating their cons. 694 more words


Transcendent Activism for Pisces!

Dear Pisces, have you been drinking or smoking too much, watching too much netflix or lying around feeling sorry for yourself? Sensitivity overwhelm (and the need to escape) happens when you don’t know what to do with your natural compassion. 66 more words

The 12h house: What is Wrong with the World

When a planet sits in the 12ht house of a natal chart it can be both a beautiful and difficult experience, often at the same time. 959 more words


57. Mistakes

I fell in love with you,

that was my first mistake.

I made so many more. I kept you around, kept you close. I listened to your daily talk, about work, about your side girls, about your friends. 904 more words


First post...

I didn’t know what to do today… and it wasn’t like I just was bored or had nothing to do. I was LOST and FRUSTRATED and CONFUSED all day long. 148 more words