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W.H.Y. & How & W H Y..

I want to Rant,

Hence ranting.

why, why, why… and how are people so self absorbed but expect us to bend do all the “right” things. 79 more words

Amazon Makeup Haul

Guys. I’m literally going through the worst time of my life when it comes to beauty products, because I feel like all of my signature staples are being discontinued. 159 more words


Gonna Be Another Rant.... You Have Been Warned

You ever get so fed up with someone….? Yeah well that’s my life right now… Lately I’ve been getting fed up with my fiancé. God some days I just wanna drive far far away and live by myself for a little bit… Lately it’s been bad. 614 more words

These Twenty Somethings Suck

Let me tell you why this generation of twenty somethings sucks (and no, not all of you.) It’s because some of you are not hard working. 496 more words

How I Discovered My Pissing Fetish - Cami Creams

Ok, so one day I woke up to a Facebook post from an old time friend. I haven’t heard from him in years. So, I was surprised to get a message from him, especially since he was more of a friend of my brothers than mine. 548 more words

I BET You I Am Having A Worse Day Than You ARE !

So let me break my stupid ass day down for you because this is just fuckin ridiculous

7:00AM BOOM I wake up to make my daughter breakfast and stub my toe on the edge of the bed. 419 more words

In My Head


Hot cheeks,

fuzzy brain,

tense stomach,

heavy brows.

Biting my lip,

I’m squeezing my hands,

staring blankly.

Thinking about you.

and I’m trying not to, 56 more words