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Italia 7: Rome - Pizzarium & Gelato del Teatro


Until our next trip, this is my last Italy blog post from our fall 2013 voyage.  These establishments are still relevant and worth a visit on your next visit to Rome.   475 more words

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Pistachio Ice-Cream

Spring & Summer are around the corner.  Yah!  My favourite season.  Have had enough of the dry cold winter.

And nothing is better than a great ice-cream (aka gelato) or sorbet. 343 more words

LCHF Recipes

Soma Chocolatemaker

Soma Chocolatemaker

Address: 443 King Street West. Toronto, ON. M5V 2Z4

Phone: (416) 599 – 7662

Website: www.somachocolate.com/

Other than suntanning on the beach, enjoying drinks on the patio or hiking, there are other activities to consider.   678 more words


Pistachio Ice-Cream & Grapefruit Pistachio Upside-down Cake

Have you noticed how much I like pistachio…?


This wasn’t my first attempt at ice-cream… I tried to make a small amount with some leftover ingredients once, but each time I took the ice-cream from the freezer to ‘churn’ it, it was replaced with a little less… I don’t think it was fully frozen before there was nothing left… There wasn’t much to begin with, honestly! 813 more words

pistachio strawberry buckwheat crêpe (recipe)

Although I try to eat clean, dessert is usually something that I’m not willing to compromise on taste. I think that since dessert is a treat, might as well enjoy it and forget about the calories. 233 more words

Shiawase Days