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The Magnolia Street Open Heavenly Church

King James sings the entire Bible to-night accompanied by Sister Lionel and the All Rocked Out Look Out Shout Out Girls Reform School Chorus Brothers Brutus and Big Toes Willie will be passing amongst ya all collecting used shell casings pistol grips trigger guards brass knucks and such Proceeds from the sale of these items to go to Little Sisters of the Rich and Infamous To-nights lecture will  be “Only fools carry Zip -guns ” Let us all congratulate fellow congregate Zachery Emanuel for remaining sober eight straight hours now Hooch and cake will be served immediately following  the meeting of the Conspiracy and Planning Committee

The Bible

Gear I Use: AGR-43 Rubberized Pistol Grip

So if you read my last post, you know that when I first saw the AG-43 Pistol Grip, I was convinced I would hate it, until I grudgingly tried one, and then installed them on all of my ARs. 356 more words


Gear I Use: AG-43 IDF Pistol Grip

At the end of last year I began a series of posts about the Mako products that I use personally, and why. I covered buttstocks and handguards, and then we began a project to transition to a new website, which has consumed most of my time. 751 more words