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Leisurely Wakeup

Doodles lingers in bed on a North Woods trip, 2008.


Eight patrollers to enforce Montreal pit bull bylaw

The city of Montreal plans to enforce its new animal-control bylaw, which includes a ban on anyone buying or adopting pit bull-type dogs not already in their possession, with an eight-person canine patrol. 540 more words

Local News

9 things you need to know about breed-specific legislation

Breed-specific laws have been around for nearly a decade, but they have gained more attention recently due to the passage of a pit-bull ban in Montreal, Canada. 64 more words

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Pit-bull bylaws: Should all breeds of dogs be muzzled in public?

True confession: When I was a child, I was afraid of dogs. All dogs, until one day my foster father brought home a beagle he named Sandy — yes, because the dog’s coat was the color of sand. 984 more words


Pit bull puppy comes to the rescue in Brooklyn atatck

As a volunteer at a local animal shelter, I’ve seen my share of mistreated and unwanted pit bulls. And it’s heartbreaking. For the most part, these are wonderful, affectionate dogs in desperate need of loving homes. 320 more words

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Simple Joy

Grinning with my boy on a late winter walk, March, 2014.


An Overrated Time of Day

In our house there are the early risers–usually led by Hubble and Anna (and a reluctant me).

and then there is Jack Henry-

Even as a young puppersnapper, Jack Henry was not one to always rise with the sun. 116 more words