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This - squeak - is - squeak - Nitrsqueaksqueak

Bull terrier Nitro playing in the umpety-up feet of snow Last Week, and he thinks it’s so warm he won’t wear is snowsuit.  Thanks Rendub… 6 more words

Pit Bulls

Dearly Loved, Sorely Missed

For years Ty was a major source of companionship, sunshine and joy in my life. He and Mak were close as brothers.I miss him dearly, dream about him often and fondly remember his son-like kinship during some of the finest moments and adventures of my life.

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Marley Moose to the rescue . . s

Beautiful Marly Moose fended off a home invader! and stuck by owner Aly Renae‘s side after an (unrelated) surgery.  Sweet as candy, tough as nails . . . and taking a nap.

Pit Bulls

Pit Bull Envy

As per my e-mail moniker, I am the Sheltie Queen. I am one of the founders of our local sheltie rescue group. I love their furry bodies, their long noses, and their herding attitudes. 293 more words

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Dogs lead cops home to marijuana operation, sparking $100K bust

It sounds like something a trained K-9 officer would sniff out, but a wandering pit bull and German shepherd led police back home to a marijuana operation, resulting in a $100,000 bust. 189 more words


Roof of the World

Sure there are higher places, but Mak shows a muscular bum as he scrambles to the sun drenched zenith of our world.From here you can see forevah!




THERE’S A BEAR OVER THERE!!!!!! Dave Lopez announces that he wants to be Mayor of Modesto. we take a look back at some his “Greatest Hits” and ask the question, … 37 more words

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