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We need to help each other

The other day I was having a conversation with a friend. She has a dog she rescued from a shelter in March 2014. Elsa is a pit bull, and at the time my friend adopted her, she had missing and broken teeth. 953 more words

Love One Another


Michael Vick did us a favor. Us being the faction of society that believe harming an animal is as wrong as harming a person; that those capable of bringing hurt to animals are more likely to do the same to their own species; that human beings are not at the top of some pyramid point, looking down on all below, but part of the amazing circle of life. 459 more words


Breakfast in Bed

Mak despite chill rain, Mak, toasty in his jacket, enjoys the “good life” – breakfast in bed on a March 2016 trip into the field.


Why Pit Bulls Are The Best Kissers

Is there a dog breed alive that faces more prejudice, discrimination, and unbridled bigotry than the lowly pit bull?

It’s sad to me that they are so hated, because I’ve never seen a breed of animal that loves so fiercely. 1,000 more words


We have definitely been busy in the past couple of months, and we have a lot to celebrate!

First, April 19th was Red’s 2nd year anniversary! 115 more words



Helium-filled Tofik enjoys a relaxing float.

Pit Bulls

This time a pit bull was the victim

Every once in a while, I come across a story that makes me cry. This week I found two.

A Real Tear-Jerker

The first one was an article I found on Yahoo.com. 610 more words

Law And Order