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I really have to pee.

Dammit, that was a really bad dream.

These two thoughts fly through my head simultaneously as I lie semi-comatose in bed. 589 more words


Watch This Totally Chill Pit Bull Play Nicely With Baby Birds

It’s a dangerous world for baby birds—unless they have a powerful protector.

Several young chickens and at least one baby turkey have befriended a pit bull who sits quite calmly while they crawl all over the dog and peck at its fur. 37 more words

Three Hours Into the Day

Stretched out on the couch,
Sun just hitting my feet
With the full weight of my dog
Resting solidly on my lap.
His eyes look lazily down the hall, 18 more words


I Dream of a World...

I’m a good dog, yet strangers fear me. I want to give kisses to everyone I meet, but people back away.I have a blocky head, and a muscular body, so people think I’m bad. 459 more words


WATCH: Pit Bull Loves His Baby Turkeys!

Pit bulls are often referred to as the world’s most dangerous dogs.

This sweet pit bull doesn’t fall into that category.

From this video, he wouldn’t even hurt a fly… or a turkey. 45 more words


Pampered Prada. Designed to cheer.

Totally selfish coward to use a dog as a weapon. Idiot. Let sleeping dogs lie!

Just a quick update on Prada the innocent pooch who was shot by mistake by a startled HPD officer in pursuit of a drug dealer. 289 more words


St. Paul Police Investigate Dogs' Death

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — St. Paul police are investigating the discovery of two dogs found dead in a car.

Sgt. Paul Paulos says the two pit bulls were found dead Monday about 7 p.m. 49 more words