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Good fucking girl.

Just a little followup re: my post about the inherent potential aggression in my vicious, 60-pound pit bull puppy.

I was holed up in my room writing this morning, the wee folk out for a bike ride with Grandpa–both sick, but fuck it, I needed the break and awesome Grandpa is awesome and offered–when Bindi (Indigo/Indi/Indi-Bindi/Bindi was the progression for those curious) lost it at something out front. 1,073 more words

This is Why We Rescue

Happy Endings

With the help of my incredibly tolerant and kindhearted fiancé, we’ve been fostering dogs through Pet Haven in Minneapolis.

Our last Foster ended perfectly. 640 more words


How Calgary reduced dog attacks without banning pit bulls

While Montreal has decided to tackle the issue of savage dog attacks by banning pit bull type dogs, Calgary is standing by its long-held decision to put the responsibility on the other end of the leash. 1,308 more words

Local News

Editorials: Time for canine cops to heel

The message appears to be getting through: Since last month’s announcement of increased dog patrols, more Montrealers are registering their pets at borough offices. 431 more words


Montreal pit bull mural protests city's proposed dog regulations

On a wall across from the Beaubien Metro station, artist Jean Labourdette has painted a message to both the municipal and provincial governments.

The mural shows a pit bull-looking dog’s head on a human body, releasing a dove as a messenger of peace. 596 more words


Rally held outside Montreal City Hall to protest upcoming dog legislation

Owners of so-called dangerous dogs took to the streets outside Montreal City Hall Monday evening.

They are angry the city wants to impose restrictions on their pets – including mandatory muzzles and microchips. 298 more words