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My writing assistant pit bulls, Wally and Fitch, have proven themselves to be super-funny guard dogs today. When my pool’s water jet came on, they thought there was a monster in my pool and went to chase it off. This video shows what happened.

Biking Ty

Doodles and I biking along the tracks. June, 2006


Inveterate Beach Walkers

Ty and I on the Atlantic seashore. Mak was there too but at the end of the line, out of the frame, to the right. March, 2010


Myth or Fact: Which ones are true or false about dog?

Are these stories you hear about dogs “all bark and no bite?” Well today, we are going to take a look into some of these accusations and find out which ones are myths and which are true. 723 more words



Our household has had a wonderful breakthrough. Riley and Lucy are playing. Let me give you a little background on Riley and why this is so important. 411 more words

Dog Friends

Two Lights

In woods at night with the truck, I clamp a tiny flashlight in my mouth while Ty, one of the most important lights in my life for fourteen years, gets an over-the-shoulder caress then… 9 more words