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Things People Do That Annoy Me


  1. Don’t text/message/call back when I know you saw my message. I hate that shit so much. I always make an effort to text back.
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Mountain Adventure & Day Camp

It was a wee bit rough…
and tight going in…the mirrors on both sides were folded in by trees.And, what can I say, Mak went a little… 25 more words


The Vilification of Pit Bulls

It will probably come as a surprise to most people, but pit bulls were once widely considered the perfect household pet. In the early 1900’s, … 565 more words

Animal Rescue


Shots of Mak taken less than an hour ago.  He was pulling me (c. 200lbs + the mountain bike).  This was an uphill grade and he gassed in under half an hour of full sprinting.   128 more words

My Life

best bud bullies

Lucky owner Melena Sanchez posted this for Valentine’s day: “Catalina y su amor Aldo el vecino de la vuelta!”  Catalina  is the white English bull terrier and Aldo is her brown and white best bud.

Pit Bulls

Ya Can't Just Look From Afar

Mak smells……and looks at the fog enshrouded Atlantic.We need a closer look.



I think most people know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. And I am not trying to depreciate that in any way. I just thought I might bring awareness to a couple of other causes this month. 171 more words