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Special Bonds

Animals never fail to surprise me. I work in animal rescue for many years, and always when I think I have seen it all, along comes a story that touches my heart and makes me smile for days. 129 more words


Michigan Senate: Leave the Pit Bulls Alone

LANSING (AP) — No bans on pit bulls allowed, Michigan’s Senate says.

The chamber voted 22-13 on Thursday to prohibit local governments from dictating breed-specific regulations on dogs. 102 more words


Gypsie Love

Our big, beautiful oldest fur baby. How to describe our 10 year old pit bull? Out of our seven dogs, she is the alpha. We got her when we lived in town in an apartment so that my kids would have some protection when she grew up. 431 more words


Fariha Naqvi-Mohamed: Responsible dog ownership, not pit bull bans

While politicians have been debating breed-specific legislation the past couple of years, dog owners have been anxiously awaiting the fate of their furbabies. The debate has centred around the safety of pit bulls and other specific breeds. 609 more words


Dog was killed and I am disgusted!

I started my day like normal had my coffee in my hand and logged onto facebook to see a ton of new articles for my area  i read further into it and a guy in my area decided that he was going to hang is dog from a tree to die.. 211 more words


Wisconsin Man Facing Charges for Animal Cruelty and Animal Fighting

Can we even imagine the cruelty set upon these beautiful beings, raccoons and pit bulls were being used for fighting? It was not a wolf organization that tipped WDNR off to this cruelty. 216 more words

Petition update · Animal Supporters Needed to Help Stop BSL/Pitbull Bans · Change.org

Mar 27, 2018 — We need to have animal supporters follow our page, as we will soon be posting animals at high risk shelters in need of forever homes, as well as pets that need help. 95 more words

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