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Info Overload

Facebook. Facebook is my time suck. I’ve tried deleting the app off my phone, i’ve tried putting it on the last page of my phone, i’ve tried various things to make me think twice about going down that rabbit hole. 505 more words

Parenting Stories

Life is a rollercoaster ....

…. just gotta ride it. The immortal(?) words of Ronan Keating! Sorry DPU and the countless others who now have the tune and lyrics bouncing around their brain – it won’t last more than a couple of hours. 355 more words

The Uncertainty Continues

I am in a deep pit of fear right now.

There are a lot of things that are uncertain, causing fear.

There are a lot of things that will change, causing fear. 419 more words


Cut the Clutter, Part 2 (AKA, The Pit of Despair)

Well, it’s time.  The moment has finally come.  Today, we are going to tackle… the Pit of Despair.  Every house has its own Pit of Despair, but they all look alike: Rubbermaid tubs that you’re going to unpack “eventually,” boxes that were dumped and sifted through in haste, piles of stuff that’s been sort of tossed through the doorway because, “I don’t know where else to put it.”  My Pit of Despair could go by many names, but we have elected to call it “the office.”  It has a computer, a printer, an aquarium for my turtles, book shelves, and everything else under the sun. 846 more words

Cut The Crap