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Cut the Clutter, Part 2 (AKA, The Pit of Despair)

Well, it’s time.  The moment has finally come.  Today, we are going to tackle… the Pit of Despair.  Every house has its own Pit of Despair, but they all look alike: Rubbermaid tubs that you’re going to unpack “eventually,” boxes that were dumped and sifted through in haste, piles of stuff that’s been sort of tossed through the doorway because, “I don’t know where else to put it.”  My Pit of Despair could go by many names, but we have elected to call it “the office.”  It has a computer, a printer, an aquarium for my turtles, book shelves, and everything else under the sun. 846 more words

Cut The Crap

More pit of despair

So I’ve already been laughed at for being so upset at this election. No one wants to cry at work; it’s so unprofessional. Which just adds to the spiral. 139 more words

Pit Of Despair

I am lost

This sucks and I don’t know what to do. I had been thinking “how do I flee if Trump wins?” kind of as a fun thought experiment but now it may be real. 41 more words


One more day

I’ve cycled through probably every emotion during this campaign, and have come to settle on terrified. Honestly, I’m just scared. One line from this song keeps sticking with me – “I’m frightened by those who don’t see it.” 112 more words

Greed the silent killer!

Do not be greedy of filthy lucre.

1 Timothy 3:3

It’s true friends, this is one of life’s big killers. It undermines all of ones hard work, and the lot comes tumbling down like a house of cards. 335 more words


The pit of despair

Today I find myself back in the pit of despair. I found out that a friend of mine died from her eating disorder. Everything seems so pointless. 12 more words