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Raw Pitch f\x Data: How to find it (part 3)

Welcome to part three of this series of gathering up pitch f/x data. At this point you should be familiar with where the raw data is and generally how it is organized. 2,230 more words


Some Opening Day Pitching

Opening day brought us some interesting pitching to look at. The first duel of interest is the one between the World Champion SF Giants and the AZ Diamondbacks. 320 more words

Pitch F/x

Raw Pitch f\x Data: How to find it (part 2)

This post is basically a precursor to this series of post.  It will walk you through getting PERL set up on your machine.  If you already have PERL and are relatively familiar with programming in general you may want to skip over this post. 828 more words


Raw Pitch f/x Data: How to find it (part 1)

Hello and welcome to my blog.  The 2015 MLB season is about to kick off at the time of this writing.  As you probably know, one of the great things about MLB is the amazing amount of data that is produced and readily available for anyone to check out.   882 more words


Should Boston be worried about Junichi Tazawa’s second half slump?

After a great 2013 campaign, Tazawa became the setup man to Koji Uehera.  In 2014, he had the second highest leverage index when entering the game, which shows John Farrelll’s trust in his stuff.  230 more words

The added value of Vazquez

Catcher framing has always been an important factor in baseball but it is not until recently that it has been to vocal point of ‘catcher value’ discussion. 476 more words

Time to jump ship on Jarred Cosart

Jarred Cosart has been hot bananas in dynasty leagues ever since he made national headlines as part of the Hunter Pence to Philadelphia trade. A flamethrower who tops out at 98 with a hammer curve straight out of a videogame, and clean mechanics to top it all off. 566 more words