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Drew Hutchison's Slider Nonsense

I’ve only been an emotionally-invested fan of baseball for about 15 years, and prior to this October my experience with the post season was almost entirely imaginary; yet I can say with some significant level of confidence that a pitcher going from Opening Day starter in the spring, to fringe roster-worthy in the summer, to off the playoff roster altogether in the fall – without any involvement of injury – is a pretty rare occurrence. 2,458 more words

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Marcus Stroman's Sinker is Evolving

Marcus Stroman is back, and he’s already reminding the baseball world just how spectacular he is. His dominant eight-inning, division-clinching start against Baltimore was a story so perfect that Disney is already clawing for the rights to film a trilogy about it. 1,635 more words

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Liam Hendriks' Unparalleled Velocity Spike

The tale of Liam Hendriks and the Toronto Blue Jays is both complex and bizarre. It begins in December of 2013 when he was designated for assignment by the Twins following their free agent signing of Phil Hughes. 1,493 more words

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Aaron Sanchez and the Zach Britton Career Arc

Back on Canada Day, Aaron Sanchez turned 23 years old. He’s still just a young pup, but he’s finishing up his sixth year in the Toronto Blue Jays organization, which means something – I don’t know what, but… 2,252 more words

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Raw Pitch f\x Data: How to find it (part 3)

Welcome to part three of this series of gathering up pitch f/x data. At this point you should be familiar with where the raw data is and generally how it is organized. 2,230 more words


Some Opening Day Pitching

Opening day brought us some interesting pitching to look at. The first duel of interest is the one between the World Champion SF Giants and the AZ Diamondbacks. 320 more words

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Raw Pitch f\x Data: How to find it (part 2)

This post is basically a precursor to this series of post.  It will walk you through getting PERL set up on your machine.  If you already have PERL and are relatively familiar with programming in general you may want to skip over this post. 828 more words