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Groupon is still the fastest company to reach a billion-dollar valuation

Last year, more than 100 startups reportedly joined the billion-dollar-valuation club, making these so-called unicorns not quite as rare as they once were. Larger funding rounds are… 341 more words

Sketch: pitch-book idea

While listening to The Bancroft Brothers’ Animation Podcast, I came across the existence of a pitch-book: a book to collect ideas for future projects/pitches. I made one. 92 more words

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The marijuana startup behind Bob Marley-branded weed just closed a record funding round

The numbers: Privateer Holdings, a Seattle-based marijuana conglomerate best known for its plans to bring Bob Marley-branded weed to market this year, has raised $75 million, bringing its total funding to $82 million. 328 more words

10 charts that explain the slowdown in venture capital since the start of 2015

The first quarter of 2015 marked a slowdown in venture capital activity, in terms of both the number of deals and cumulative amount invested. But startups and venture capital firms aren’t exactly suffering. 131 more words

Startup valuations are way up across the board

Unicorns, or startups valued at $1 billion or more, have been getting a lot of attention lately. But it isn’t just high-profile tech companies like… 212 more words

2014 VC Funding and Exits - MA-Boston vs Others....

2014 is a year full of tech IPOs & M&As in terms of dollar amount and number of deals. We are so eager to check out how VC market looked like in 2014. 556 more words


The new trend in startup fundraising: fewer, larger rounds

Last year, Uber raised two rounds of funding, each
exceeding a billion dollars. During that time, Airbnb
convinced investors to pony up $475 million for its… 266 more words