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Palm House

The Palm House was one of the few places in Poznań I decided to visit that I hadn’t, on investigation, already visited before. It took me a long time of map rotating and muttering and cursing to find the tram to take me there. 273 more words


Get The Pitcher?

Within the Conservatory of Flowers resides a treasure trove of interesting plants and shrubs in various stages of bloom. They had a decent collection of pitcher plants arranged around a pond and in other places and I just had to snap a few of these beauties.


in search of a bog

We were actually in search of the Darlingtonia californica (aka Pitcher Plant)I couldn’t resist yet another shot of the maple flowers and baby leaves along the way. 431 more words


Sarracenia - aka Pitcher plant

I was going through my collections of photos and ran across these photos.  I discovered these several years ago growing  in a field at the end of a runway at our local airport.  154 more words


Little Farm House -- Getting Rid of Biting "Yella" Flies

Last weekend, Honey Bunny and I went on a mission. That mission — find some way to get rid of/repel biting yellow flies that seem to congregate around his place. 766 more words


Return To Bogs in 2018?

Bogs? My first visit was to an acid bog near Ligonier, Pennsylvania about 23 years ago. Unforgettable, it was. Pitcher plants, sundew, while all the time enduring that unnerving feeling that you are about to sink down, never to be seen again, and find near eternal rest inches from another body, entombed in acidic sphagnum moss, some 2,000 years long gone. 245 more words

Allenberg Bog, NY