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Carnivorous Plants

I can’t help writing about these clever botanical guests in the garden. I tried growing them in high school back in Ohio, but wasn’t a very good caretaker. 183 more words

An Expedition to California Carnivores

Tucked into the farmlands of Sebastapol, is Northern California’s very own carnivorous jungle. With not only a retail area but a chunk of the greenhouse for viewing, stepping into California carnivores and being confronted with the toothy pitchers of… 791 more words


Floating Bog of Pitcher Plants

Sarracenia purpurea, the purple pitcher plant, grows naturally in the Suffolk County Boglands. Some of their habitats are along the tributaries to the Peconic River, others in sunny and wet meadows of… 500 more words

Long Island

Kerby Flat

Date: 1/14/17

Hike Difficulty: easy
Hike Length: 2.80 mi
Elevation Gain: 469 ft (you drop down then climb back out)
Time: 59 mins

I came back to give Kerby Flat another visit. 184 more words


Bog of the pitcher-plants

Sarracenia puprurea are the only species of pitcher plant that grow native on Long Island, NY. Once there were populations across the island, now there are only a few locations left, primarily in the pine barrens around the Peconic River in eastern Suffolk County. 171 more words

Long Island

How to Build a Paludarium

In this article I will describe the steps that I took to convert an empty corner aquarium into a functioning paludarium for carnivorous plants and later, freshwater shrimp. 1,886 more words