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Wildflower Wonderland: A Drive on 65

As promised, here are the wildflowers I encountered while driving on FL Hwy 65 towards Sumatra in the Apalachicola National Forest.  I included the common and scientific name in the caption (for all that I could identify).   119 more words


Stranger Than Fiction

The plant kingdom is not generally considered a threatening presence; its members are a passive breed, the source of so much romantic imagery and literature. But one particular group has consistently inspired terror and revulsion and entered into the public consciousness like no other. 1,366 more words


A Bug Munching Plant

Pitcher Plants includes several varieties of carnivorous plants that are cleverly designed to trap insects.

The rim of the pitcher shaped leaf becomes slippery with dew or nectar, causing insects to slide into its tubular cavity. 88 more words


4 fly-eating plants to grow indoors (and how to keep them happy)

Tired of gnats around the kitchen sink? Or just feeling adventurous? Grow carnivorous plants and never struggle with flies again. 448 more words


Crafty Pitcher Plants Prove No Brains Are Better than One

It could be called the art of war — there’s no good reason to kill a simple scout when you can lure an entire army into an ambush. 85 more words


News Round-Up October 5th-11th

Hello, and welcome to the #bioscisews round-up! This is the place where you can find all the important biosci new stories from the past week, in a short, digestible paragraph. 175 more words