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Authors note: I have made way more projects then simply what is listed here. However, I am doing my best to only list the work of quality by my own personal standards. 196 more words

Pitches And Creations

Smart Tarot A game idea

The moding system would work similarly to the one in the sims. You just drag and drop the mod into the folder titled “mods” and bam it’s in the game. 551 more words

Pitches And Creations

Ideas to do list


Kof-ei shop

A comic/visual novel with cofee and starbucks esc drinks personified as people. Pumpkin spice is the main character ad she has dark skin. 431 more words

Pitches And Creations

Cool Pitch Ideas I'm gona do nothing with so feel free to steal!

  1. cd store. A store where you can buy and burn your own cds/records. Self publishing for cds. Kinda like redbubble for music. Oh and also! You can rent and release with royalties via the site your own cds so you can literally make like now hits or something.
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Pitches And Creations



A blind superhero only talented in krav maga. Later through some divine intervention (someone greek) he gets the ability to fly. But since his power is a super memory and he doesn’t have the sky memorized his firend/sidekick Wayde. 761 more words

Pitches And Creations

Dear My Fellow Warrirors (A message from Adam's computer Charles)


I am a technopath. This is somebody who can talk to machines. That is how I was able to type this on my laptop’s behalf. 449 more words

Pitches And Creations

Blinfold Idea

Blindfold bible in progress

  • Aka pitch book.
  • Creating with boy wonder
  • Created by Adam Snowflake and Richard Latch Bishop.
  • Pitch Bible can be found here…
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Pitches And Creations