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My followers have read my complaints about how wage stagnation (since the 1970s) has adversely affected aggregate demand due to resulting lack of wherewithal at least 100 times, but I have on most occasions not bothered to go beyond such complaints in depth. 754 more words

Douglas Carswell Has Got The Society He Wants, Of Course We Hate The Fucking Rich

“If we don’t do something to fix the glaring inequities in this economy, the pitchforks are going to come for us. No society can sustain this kind of rising inequality. 555 more words


Echoes of war.

There are times when I feel especially close to my father and grandfather. Given that there are days when I do the same job at the same time as they did, often with equipment they’d recognise, it’s probably not surprising. 1,073 more words

A Spork is a Spork, Of Course, Of Course and Nobody Eats With a Spork Of Course

…Unless, of course you’re at Taco Bell and that’s the only silverware they have and half the meat has fallen out of your Cheesey Gordita Crunch and you really want to eat it because you’ve been dying for some Taco Bell all day but then you use the spork and realize it’s a piece of shit that doesn’t do as good a job as either of its parental forms. 641 more words


Don't mess with us womenfolk

Zelda here.

First of all, some good news. Mother Cray is up an usin’ a walker.

The doctor an her physical therapist said she couldn’t do it, but then they found her standin’ up usin’ the bed for support, so they got her a walker. 348 more words

Just Thinkin'

ZeroHedge - Pitchforks, Brainwashing And The Mathematics Of Persuasive Deceit - 6 july 2014

Submitted by Ben Tanosborn

Affluence Economics: Low-Inflation and “Fool” Employment

Numbers don’t lie, the saying goes, but the have-liars are doing their numbers on the gullible have-nots… 106 more words