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Salt Lake Comic Con 2016, Post Noon MST

Regarding my previous post

Bryan Brandenburg posted this photo to Salt Lake Comic Con’s facebook page:

Yep. Villagers with pitchforks time.

Watch your back, Brandenburg.

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Pitching my Fork: Confessions of an Outrage Addict

I’m an outrage addict.

I want, really to say I’m a former addict, but like any addiction, the first step to being free of it is to acknowledge you never will truly escape its influence. 2,771 more words

Book Recommendations

Time For Torches & Pitchforks——-The Little Guy Is About To Get Monkey-Hammered Again

Source: Contra Corner blog, by David Stockman

The reputations of Ben and Janet are going to be eviscerated in 2016. That’s because the US economy will slide into recession in defiance of every claim they have made for their snake oil monetary policies.  562 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

The Sally Season**: Dragons, Unicorns And The Tardis Really Do Exist! [VIDEO]

All hail the almighty Google.

** 12 short, light-hearted tech-type videos to help relieve the end of year madness. See the full Sally Season.



A texture of loss permeates all idle moments
Filling them with all the wrong things
Cheering the idea of making a break
Knowing its impossibility… 134 more words

Bonfire On Tour - Oh do fork off....

If a Brief History of Bonfire dissuades yet another bunch of DFLs from coming UFB for the night in order that they can “See the Pagan Fire Festival and Watch Them Burn Catholics” then I’m all for it. 543 more words


Day 272: Two Sentence Story Tuesday

Leo watched as the mob threw stones and spat slurs at the young woman tied to the stake in the middle of the town; she had already saved him once, it was his turn at a random act of kindness. 55 more words