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9 New Ways to Perfect Your Pitch

If you are trying to create high-quality content and news pitches that produce strong media placements for your brand, these tips will increase your chances of earning coverage by 99%. 270 more words

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Talking to the media

This article is about talking to the media about pit bulls. And it has some important factors in talking to the media about any topic. Be calm, professional, and include statistics, quote experts, and reframe the topic according to your own opinion.



PR People: Please Stop Pissing Off Journalists (or How To Pitch The Media)

Lately, I’ve been coming across some pretty embarrassing tweets from journalists about PR people that are simply giving PR a bad name.

Today, there are way too many tools and resources available for PR folks to still be making these mistakes. 844 more words

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Outside Your Zone: Tips for International Media Relations

Last week, I attended Intel Developer Forum (IDF) Beijing. Using some of the strategies below, we secured a dozen on-site press briefings and garnered strong media coverage in conjunction with the event. 382 more words

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Using social media to pitch the press

Any PR seminar that includes Social Media in the title will be guaranteed sell-out. Of course then, you better know what the heck you’re talking about. 523 more words

26.2 miles to seasoned pitching

One of the most difficult skills for a PR intern to learn is pitching to the media. Thus, some professionals believe that we should not be permitted to do so. 884 more words

Reporter: Leave Your Number Twice and Don't Pitch Me on Your Green Building

If you’re involved with any aspect of public relations, you know that contacting journalists can be daunting.

How do you get their attention? How should you handle an exclusive? 818 more words

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