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My Natural, Unmedicated, and Virtually Pain-free Childbirth: Part 2

As promised – here’s the story of my natural, unmedicated, and virtually pain free birth of my first born, sweet baby boy Maximus (Max for short). 2,185 more words


My Natural, Unmedicated, and Virtually Pain-free Childbirth: Part 1

When I got pregnant early this year (2016), I already had an idea that I wanted to attempt a natural, drug-free childbirth.  I’d seen the Business of Being Born documentary years ago, so I had some notion of the consequences of giving birth in a hospital setting.  1,128 more words


Um, I Think My Water Just Broke

Disclaimer I’m writing this post on approximately 4 hours of sleep. It may not be fully coherent . . . please forgive my ramblings. 890 more words


Soleo Lanz Obermeyer's Birth Story

With Luna it was slow (read Luna’s birth story here). Contractions started after dinner and I was up all night dancing in the moonlight, too excited to sleep. 1,432 more words

Salt Water Mama

Notes on a hospitalized pregnant woman Pt. 54

When I was little, I often crept into my mom’s room and slept with my butt against her butt. I ran amok, threw tantrums, wailed, but at the end of the day I wanted my butt pressed up against her butt. 1,085 more words

Notes on a hospitalized pregnant woman Pt. 53

My feet look like potatoes. My nurse assures me she’s seen much worse but I tell her they’re usually very skinny so in comparison they’re potatoes. 2,173 more words

Our Birth Story

Let’s start off with the birth of our first child, the best day of our lives!!

I had been measuring ahead of schedule, so I hoped Jackson would make his appearance early, before the end of the year, but we rang in the new year still pregnant. 450 more words