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A Labor and Delivery Story (#2)

My second child was born two weeks and two days late. Since my first was 2 1/2 weeks late, I wasn’t worried when we got to two weeks after my due date. 1,922 more words


My daughter's birth story

So, finding time to write a blog entry with a newborn and a toddler and a 9 year old is difficult. Who knew? I’m taking middle of the night feedings to put together this blog, so bear with me if it doesn’t flow as nicely as others I’ve written. 1,220 more words

Vincent The Magnificent

A Labor and Delivery Story (#1)

My first child was born two and a half weeks late. That’s right, two and a half weeks. My due date was June 5th, and on June 21st we went to the hospital to induce. 1,225 more words


My Birthing Story - A Vaginal Birth with Induction and No Pain Meds

PC Diary @ 38 Weeks 3 Days – The Final Entry

20 Dec: Preparing to expand our Family to 3. My Tuesday 20th December started out with uncertainty – uncertainty as to when exactly I would be admitted to hospital to start the induction process. 3,940 more words


Same old story - it's just unexplained

PC Diary @38Weeks 0 Days

The unknown doctor came in, shook our hands and looked at us in turn, he looked concerned.  But after a strange pregnant pause he managed to get the words out….”Everything looks good with the flow to and from the placenta”. 985 more words


Birth story

Oh man, where do I even start?

I went to my weekly pregnancy appointment at 40 weeks and 5 days thinking get this thing out of me. 1,713 more words

Letter to baby (birth story)

In honor of baby’s first birthday I want to share my birth story, I wrote it when baby was about 2 and half months old. 806 more words