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Induction of Labour. What Do Pregnant Women Need to Know?

Lois Wattis CM, RN, FACM, IBCLC takes a look at the risks and reasons for an induction of labour in childbirth.

Pregnancy provides a woman with a unique experience of her body in new and often challenging ways. 1,500 more words


Lydia's Birth Story


Monday, May 14 started out just like any other day. I had a cup of coffee and sat down for my morning quiet time with the Lord. 2,632 more words

Lydia Evelyn

Birth Stories Are Never Boring: Twins!

And we’re back to my Birth Story Series.

For those of you who are new to this series, click HERE for Baby #1 and HERE… 769 more words

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Will Dates Help My Labor?

If there was something you could eat that has been shown to help labor, would you eat it? Well, research backs this old wives tale up so head to the store and grab some dates! 493 more words

So, Childbirth

When I was very, very pregnant, I spent a lot of evenings voraciously reading women’s childbirth experiences. I even watched a few uncensored videos. The truth was, despite all this research, I really didn’t know what to expect. 2,225 more words


Birth Story: Having a Baby!

If you haven’t yet, read my previous birth story blog, read it here.

.After spending all of my pregnancy anxiously awaiting my child’s birth, it was finally April 5th, baby eviction day! 606 more words