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(41 weeks pregnant/ D-day / Delivery)

This is one of those posts that only women can understand, and mom’s for sure can relate to.

Just like most men have this innate engrained nature to want to work hard, want to be strong, and want to provide for their family, women have an innate need to be nurturing and be a rock star mom. 3,939 more words

Pregnancy Stories

Pre-Eclampsia & Post Partum Aftermath

It has been a month and I’ve been contemplating on how to start writing this. I still am not really sure what to say first. I feel inclined to start off with a joke; brush it off with nonchalance and minimize the situation because that’s what I do. 4,441 more words

This Kid Has Plans of His Own

WARNING: If you are uncomfortable with what happens during birth then you may not want to read any further. I’m not sparing any details. 

Ever since we found out about Nolan’s heart we had been planning on inducing around 39 weeks. 2,013 more words

Marriage And Family

Our Birth Story

It has been 3 months, almost 4 since my last post. With good reason, my son was born September 3!! I have been hesitant to post a birth story, but after thinking it through I remembered all the wonderful stories I read and how much peace of mind they gave me. 2,672 more words

The Birth

My midwife confirmed that my early labor started exactly 8 days before my actual delivery. I started laboring hard at home Saturday night and into Sunday. 1,389 more words


Tick tock, baby!

I’m about to bitch. A lot. I mean a lot. A lot. If you don’t want to hear it, stop reading. I never thought I’d get to this point of being D.O.N.E. 608 more words


Baby Watch 2015

I had my 40 week appointment today and she still looks good. She’s just fat and happy, all camped out inside of me. Hibernating.

I’m dilated to 3cm and 70% effaced currently. 310 more words