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An Early Start to Successful Breastfeeding: Birth Matters!

Lauren Guy, IBCLC, RLC

When preparing for breastfeeding, most expectant families look to the postpartum period: the first latch, optimal positioning, what to expect the first couple of days, etc. 1,389 more words


Dear Pregnant Patient

With all of the news recently about the measles outbreak in California, I have seen many news articles and blog posts referring to the parents of unvaccinated children and their contribution to the epidemic. 903 more words

The post in which we wonder "Why doula?"

Dearest Reader,

Today I no longer have to wonder how many minutes it takes to soft boil an egg, or ruminate on the history behind phrases such as “final nail in the coffin”. 345 more words


The Pressure to Have a C-section (written by a physician for The Washington Post, 1/05/15)

By Carla C. Keirns

I had been at the hospital for two days in induced labor, unable to get out of bed or eat, tethered to a labor-inducing oxytocin drip. 2,330 more words

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Giving Birth: Part 2

Sorry for the absence..having a baby is hard work! My last post my LO was 5 weeks old, now she’s 5 MONTHS old, what?! Alright, let’s FINALLY do this! 1,214 more words

Luka's Birth Story

This post is mostly for me… and maybe the 2-3 friends of mine who are doulas and interested in this kind of thing.  Dad, you definitely don’t want to read it.. 1,353 more words


Bump Update 41 weeks and 5 days (Induction or Scheduled Cesarean?)

Well, here we are almost two weeks past due. Today has been one of the longest days ever and it’s not even evening. I had my Dr appointment this morning at 10:30am. 812 more words

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