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Bring it on

Though you’ve been eagerly awaiting your baby’s arrival since that day you peed on a stick, Baby may need a little extra encouragement to make her grand entrance. 28 more words

Rachel Noelle's Arrival and Birth Story

“But He Gives More Grace.” ~James 4:6

Rachel Noelle has arrived!

After 31 hours of labor, Rachel came on Monday, September 14th, in the mid afternoon.

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My Labor Day: Otherwise Known as the Scariest and Happiest Day of My Life

This year’s Labor Day just so happens to fall on September 7th, my daughter Genevieve’s first birthday. It seems like only yesterday that I was in the hospital experiencing the most terrifying and heartwarming day of my life. 1,133 more words


5 steps to an awesome induction.

I know what you’re thinking: “aren’t inductions always awful?” “Don’t you hire a doula to avoid an induction?” “aren’t doulas all anti-intervention at all costs?” The answers to these questions are no, yes and not at all. 404 more words

Baby Ready

My Birth Story (37 Weeks)

I wrote this one-handed before leaving the hospital for my birth board but ended up using a short blurb version. Anyway here it is, typo-ridden, not proofread etc but I just wanted to at least get the big details down (though really I wanted to never ever think about it again so it’s brusque). 1,439 more words


Coming to terms with this pregnancy

I’m towards the end of my 37th week of pregnancy. According to BabyCentre (yes, the UK version), at 37 weeks I’m technically considered full-term. Which means (I guess) that it would be OK for me to give birth. 682 more words


Natural Birth Options

After taking the Bradley Birthing classes we debated many of the “birthing norms” that people do and don’t think about. We weighed the benefits with the risks and decided for or against many different options. 1,100 more words

Natural Birth