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GTFO Baby Dust

My appointment went pretty well last week. Blood pressure is still 110/66 and no weight gain!

I am NOT anemic. They aren’t sure why I had two false reading screenings on the finger prick with levels of 8.5, but my blood work came back totally normal. 744 more words


Porter's Birth Story

I’ve avoided recounting this story in my head from start to finish as best I could for the past two years. But as my impending due date moves closer and closer, thinking about my first and only experience giving birth seems to be unavoidable. 2,656 more words

It's The Final Countdown

I know you’re singing that in your head now. You’re welcome. We are now down to under a week. Where in the living hell did this entire pregnancy go? 732 more words

Bring it on

Though you’ve been eagerly awaiting your baby’s arrival since that day you peed on a stick, Baby may need a little extra encouragement to make her grand entrance. 28 more words

Rachel Noelle's Arrival and Birth Story

“But He Gives More Grace.” ~James 4:6

Rachel Noelle has arrived!

After 31 hours of labor, Rachel came on Monday, September 14th, in the mid afternoon.

864 more words

My Labor Day: Otherwise Known as the Scariest and Happiest Day of My Life

This year’s Labor Day just so happens to fall on September 7th, my daughter Genevieve’s first birthday. It seems like only yesterday that I was in the hospital experiencing the most terrifying and heartwarming day of my life. 1,133 more words


5 steps to an awesome induction.

I know what you’re thinking: “aren’t inductions always awful?” “Don’t you hire a doula to avoid an induction?” “aren’t doulas all anti-intervention at all costs?” The answers to these questions are no, yes and not at all. 404 more words

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