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Flies & Pitocin

Want a piece of advice? Don’t eat tacos crom that suspicious-looking guy down the street at 2am; the morning after in the toilet made me feel like a pregnant woman in dire need of Pitocin, but for another orifice. 76 more words

"My heart fell out and was put in this beautiful baby boy"

I love birth. Everything about it and every kind. So, naturally, I LOVE reading other women’s birth experiences! I know I’m not the only one obsessed with reading them! 1,981 more words

MacKenzie's Birth Story - Part 2

So, we finally arrive at the hospital on Sunday afternoon.  After trying to remember if we needed to enter in the emergency room or the west tower, we remembered in our hospital tour guide lady’s voice that it was indeed entrance C – “C for child birth!” – so Mike dropped me off at the front revolving door.   1,346 more words

First Pregnancy

Gummy Bear's Birth Story

Hi Gummy Bear,

I’m tearing up a little just writing that, because I can’t believe you are finally here and sleeping so cozily next to me. 918 more words


My birth story; or, forcing my body into labor one hour at a time: Part 1

I wanted a birth story that involved laboring peacefully, or somewhat peacefully, in warm water surrounded by the music of the Beatles under dim lighting. I also wanted a conception that involved candlelight and romance, but instead found myself in a doctor’s office on my lunch break getting inseminated for the second time and experiencing mad cramping the rest of the day. 2,191 more words

Postpartum post, finally

I knew I wouldn’t have much time to blog with a newborn, but I was hoping I’d find time to write about the birth of Hayes Graham Hancock before he was 15 weeks old! 715 more words


Lizzy's Birthday: {our birth story}

Caution: Text and Picture-heavy post to follow

Here I sit, my recently huge belly now significantly shrunken and the texture of cottage cheese. My three-week-old daughter rests in the crook of my knee, her head tilted to the side, sleeping off her milk-drunk stupor. 1,896 more words