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Birth Story

October 25th 2017

40weeks 2 days.

Induction Day!

  • 4pm…
    • arrive at Baptist Health Richmond,
    • get checked in
    • change into my hospital gown that I brought from home!
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Birth Story

After much anticipation of being induced, it finally happened…well kind of. Let me back up. If you read my posts Pregnancy Part One and Two… 347 more words

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Epidurals...Should You Get One, or Try to Deliver Naturally?

Ahhhh…..the epidural. I’m going to start out by just letting you know from the get-go that I am PRO-epidural. I am absolutely not a fan of pain, especially labor pains, but I take my hat off to the women who push themselves through natural childbirth. 1,166 more words


We Are All Adults Here; Let's Talk About Oxytocin

This post is more on the personal level than you should expect from my blog in the future; It’s a sweet post…read on please;

I’m so attached so fast to my Lovey Nate and I call him that now even though he is dominating, respected, successful, and a true man’s man (lovey is what babies call their security blankets or teddies in the UK, Ireland. 1,017 more words

Surrender: My Natural Birth Story

Disclaimer: this is a raw, true, and emotional depiction of my life and experiences.

Whew. It has taken me months (7 to be exact) to find a way to tell this story in a way that sufficiently conveys the spiritual journey I experienced. 2,985 more words


#SoCS -- Pant-Pant-Blow

The first time my wife got pregnant we were advised by her OB/GYN to enroll in a Lamaze class. These classes teach young couples how to prepare for childbirth and, more importantly, how to make it through labor and delivery. 492 more words


Labor Shame

I became a mother 2 months, 25 days, 12 hours, and 55 minutes ago. Looking back on it now, it was one of the best days of my life. 1,081 more words