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Pittosporum phillyreoides

Weeping Pittosporum, from the Exmouth region of the Pilbara and West Coast sand plains. Shrub or small tree, with sticky seeds inside orange pods.


Pittosporum moluccanum

Small to medium tree with glossy green leaves, only found in dune valleys near Jame’s Price Point north of Broome. Feature clusters of white scented flowers and orange fruits containing black sticky seeds.


Pittosporum melanospermum

Small tree with striking clusters of small white scented flowers.


White substance on the twigs of a Pittosporum

White substance on the twigs of a Pittosporum. August 9, 2015


GBFD June - Coloured Foliage

The 22nd means Garden Bloggers Foliage Day, hosted by Christina at My Hesperides Garden.

Being winter, foliage is more important than ever to define the structure of the garden as flowers have all but retreated during the chilly weather. 259 more words


Tubs in the side patio

I have a small space at the side of the house which is protected and where one can sit on warm mornings and evenings. I have planted tubs with ferns but would like to plants some small shrubs for height and yet more colour. 99 more words


Pittosporum bicolor

In family Pittosporaceae. Common name Cheesewood, Tallow-wood. Species name “bicolor” meaning two-coloured. Its distribution extends from the south coast and southern tablelands of NSW, through eastern Victoria to the Otway Ranges, and is common in Tasmania. 521 more words