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Michael's Trial (part 1)

Michael was the impetus for this blog. There is no denying that. Since I began my journey of chronicling my life to date, I procrastinated Michael’s trial—the inevitable list of facts which I would inarguably present to persuade an anonymous readership of his inherent guilt for the wrong he had done to me. 1,051 more words


Pittsburgh round 1

After 21 years, I have finally deciphered why Clevelanders love to hate on the city of Pittsburgh. We’re just jealous. Pittsburgh, as it turns out, is actually a fascinating, diverse, and beautiful city. 179 more words


Pittsburghers: Boston’s Ban On Parking Chairs Would Not Fly Here

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Eight feet of snow has led to desperate measures in the streets of Boston. Mayor Martin Walsh has ordered public works crews to dispose of so-called space savers including, yes, parking chairs. 202 more words


Happy birthday ice hockey!

Put 140 candles on that cake.

It was on March 3, 1875 that the first organized ice hockey game was played. That means the game was pre-announced, included a set of rules and a referee, the two teams played on a confined ice surface, the names of the 18 players were recorded, the score was kept, and the game was played with a “flat circular piece of wood”, now known as a puck. 149 more words


The Pittsburgh Food Diaries: Grit & Grace, Pt. 2

Last Saturday, Nick and I were lucky to spend some quality time with the Buchheit clan in Pittsburgh. (Technically, it was the Buchheit/Straub/Greenthaner/Eberly clan, but that’s beside the point.) 510 more words


The Root: Pittsburgh’s Police Chief—the #EndWhiteSilence Twitpic Cop—Isn’t What He’s Cracked Up to Be

Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay was praised across the nation when he was photographed on New Year’s Eve holding a sign that said, “I resolve to challenge racism @ work #EndWhiteSilence.” It provided stark contrast to the incompetence of cops in Ferguson, Mo., the belligerence of police unions in New York and the hostility that many departments were showing in the wake of nationwide #BlackLivesMatter protests against police brutality. 1,352 more words

Jason Johnson Weekly Column

Bon Appetempt by Amelia Morris

I don’t know what I was expecting, but Bon Appetempt by Amelia Morris was a pleasant surprise. This “coming of age” (do we ever really get to that “age”) memoir is a delightful path down memory lane starting with her childhood up until the first six weeks of motherhood. 365 more words