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If the linguist in Arrival spoke Pittsburghese

I never ever thought I’d hear anyone say “Sapir-Whorf hypothesis” in a movie, but I heard it in Arrival! Ok, it was a science fiction film.  63 more words

Digital Artwork

Reflection-Past or Present

Does the mirror (meer-that is how we say it) reflect a past image or a present one.  In that millisecond it took for our reflection to return to our eyes have we changed? 273 more words

Did You Say Something?

I used to mumble. I’m not sure if that’s an INTJ thing, or a self-esteem thing, or an I-really-didn’t-know-the-answer thing, but I used to mumble. My father took that up as his personal challenge. 872 more words


How Yinz Doin? And other stuff

May 9, 2016

Okay, so a grammar question.  Ellen tells me that “yinz” is plural.  And she is the English Literature major from a prestigious college while my ejumication background is less stellar so she ought to know. 1,304 more words

Hope N'at

We sat along the crick waiting
The sky was unusually blue
the blue of joy
We packed our lunch
chipped chopped ham sandwiches
and planned to stay all day… 79 more words