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Tagore Speaks Through Sydney Sunset.

On an incredible ferry ride home from Palm Beach, I captured (or at least, attempted to capture) this magnificent sunset which seemed to go so well with these words from Tagore.

Pure inspiration!

xx Rowena


Look What I Caught!...Yacht at Sunset Palm Beach, Sydney.

Photography is like fishing.

Sometimes, everything goes your way and it’s like the heavens are twisting and turning, metamorphosing into the most magical images right before your eyes and you just can’t believe your incredible good luck! 301 more words


Pittwater in 23 years has become more beautiful

Have you seem the video “Paper Run Reprise“? In it you have the streets and beaches of Pittwater from 1956. These are then compared with the streets and beaches in 2012. 139 more words


The Morning After...a Walk Along the Beach.

“You see but your shadow when you turn your back to the sun.

Kahlil Gibran, Sand and Foam

Last night, as we watched the full moon rise over a sprawling landscape of twinkling lights, I felt such a mixture of hope and dread, like you do when, for whatever reason, you become intensely conscious transience.

665 more words

Pictorial Essay: Pittwater and the storm of the century.

Exhausted after 2 restless nights of incessant rain, howling wind and regular checks of my boat moored at the jetty, this will not be the wordiest of Edito posts. 206 more words

Autumn Leaf, Pittwater, Palm Beach, Sydney.

You don’t expect to see autumn leaves on a sunny Sydney beach.

Then again, you don’t expect autumn either…just perennial blue skies!

However, while out walking the dogs today, I found a smattering of autumn leaves along the sand, looking rather out of place…at least to me! 74 more words