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How long are you going to cry about the same thing?

I really love to motivate others when they’re down, encourage them, watch them grow and all that good stuff but one thing I refuse to do is “turn up” at your pity party! 681 more words


Lets hope summer gets better

Its the first day of summer and what am i doing?

absolutely nothing.

I’m a pretty social girl and always have plans, but today just wasn’t a day for me to have plans. 139 more words

The Slump of Summer has BEGUN

Man…was it HOT today!! My friend, Leslie and I went for a run after work. It was 92 degrees at 5pm!! 😝. We ran a little bit of a different route that included a bridge or a big ass HILL and two small hills. 343 more words

Life Isn't Fair, But Opportunities Abound

Have you ever had one of those days.  The ones where everything goes wrong.  The ones when, from the moment you get up in morning to when you eventually get to bed, anything that can possibly go contrary to your plans, does. 1,296 more words


You Could Park a Truck on That

When I was a wee girl, I heard the phrase a lot, “You could park a truck on that.”  They were referring to my lower lip which was pushed out in a big ol’ pout. 523 more words


Hiding Places

When Ahab got home, he told Jezebel everything Elijah had done, including the way he had killed all the prophets of Baal. So Jezebel sent this message to Elijah: “May the gods strike me and even kill me if by this time tomorrow I have not killed you just as you killed them.” Elijah was afraid and fled for his life. 3,254 more words



I see you – you make sure that I do – chip on your shoulder – you can’t quite work up the strength to remove. 236 more words

Get Over Out