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Lost in the Friendzone

If you have to whine about how you got “friendzoned” by a girl, realize that you’re talking about something that doesn’t exist–and it makes you sound like a desperate, sad whiner who’s probably never been with a girl anyway. 206 more words

Pity Party While Wearing Designer Sunglasses

To start off my party I wanted to have some music.  I have been constantly listening to Melanie Martinez’s new album Cry Baby and thought “ 407 more words


Pity Party 

The Urban Dictionary defines “Pity Party” as:

A way of experiencing grief, in which you spend your time feeling sorry for yourself and whining endlessly about how crappy your life is. 338 more words

18 questions

  1. How could I do this?
  2. How could I get this many multiple choice questions wrong?
  3. Why can’t I even validate myself through test taking?
  4. What are my parents going do to me if they find out?
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Daily Happenings

so many things

It’s 4 am.

Both of my roommates have been unconscious for a couple of hours now, despite one of them pledging to wake up after an hour to study for her APES exam. 926 more words

Daily Happenings

Pity Party

I saw something the other day on my Facebook feed – one of those incessantly shared graphic and text inspirational quotes. I can’t remember what it said, but it was along the lines of, … 789 more words

My Friends Aren't Dicks

Almost every day I see articles about answering, ‘I’m fine’ because people really don’t care anyways.  Why are you talking to these people and why are they your friends? 1,085 more words