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Pity Party - March 1, 2015

In case there was any question about whether or not I was going to start doing what I’ve always wanted to do… well, here’s your answer. 22 more words

Daily Life

Having A Pity Party...Wanna Join?

Hey guys. I’m just in one of my moods again tonight. How many Aspies out there have accepted themselves for who they are? How they act? 247 more words

Desperately Seeking Something

I’m coming as Existential Crisis Man…

- Reggie Perrin

Love me; love my mental breaks.

Never fear. I’m still among the living. No parking structure roofs in my immediate future. 823 more words

Who Knows...?

Under the Circumstances.

The circumstances I’m currently in are not ideal for blogging.  At least for me and my kind of blogging.

Last semester of college (which is when I started with silly ordeal of communicating my feelings via the internet), I was not making the healthiest of choices. 439 more words

Positively Random

Crashing my own party

I’ve canceled the pity party. I returned the decorations and told the caterer it was a no go. She was nonplussed as I wasn’t serving anything, and the party store clerk just shrugged. 1,085 more words

Day 11 - part 2

Horrible horrible day and mostly self inflicted when it comes to my mental and emotional state. But I walked out of work absolutely furious, was late to an appointment and then had to play with a soul demoralising netball team (where, you guessed it, we lost). 62 more words