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Alone before, during, after

So… I just had a small surgery. Nothing huge, nothing that required me to stay more than a day in the hospital. But it is my first surgery and it sucks because I have to rest for a bit less than a year. 572 more words


Radiology Rhetoric and Invitation to my party 🎉

I’m reading my MRI results on my left foot ,with a dictionary by my side ,to decipher the radiologist’s findings. Two pages long full of medical/technical terms. 407 more words


You spin me right round baby, right round

My update is: no update.

I went to my appt with the ortho. Turns out my Dr. was wronggggggg.

So I have arthritis and it’s making my shoulder joint jagged. 274 more words

After The Funk

So, having a poor mindset the last few days, I’m finally over that hump, and am overall feeling better. I want to thank those who reached out to me both on my social media post, and to me personally. 310 more words


Don't Forget the Fun

For the last few days I’ve been at war with my body image. Usually when this happens it’s because I feel like something is out of my control, and I direct that frustration towards my overly soft, chubby body, but this time I couldn’t really pinpoint what I felt I didn’t have control over. 328 more words

Self Care

Pity Party & Sabotage

I’m now on day 8 of Belles 100 Day Challenge. I feel amazing but it’s not been all plain sailing.

Friday* nights are hard for me without booze.  356 more words

Life Decisions

Broken Trees Still Bloom?

I live in the country. Like… The country. Let’s just say that overalls are normal here (no, I don’t own any- I’ve always had a splash of Hollywood in my veins😊) and we may or may not have some people in our county that use old comodes (aka toilets for the northern folks!) in the front yard with their house number proudly displayed on it. 628 more words