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I am a flake.

So in case my posts haven’t demonstrated for you, allow me say it:


Or at least that is how it seems from the outside… but, in all honesty, it’s more like I am constantly evolving or shifting my perspective and ideas. 84 more words


Struggles that Shape Us

Let’s talk about struggles – everybody has them! But what is the difference inherent in people that they view struggle differently? Psychologists call it “locus of control“, either we believe that we control our lives or that our life is controlled by factors other than ourselves. 1,098 more words

Reality of a Self-Published Author



I sent this email to one of my sisters on TUE/27 February 2018:

My book sales are low, too.

Bookbub has never accepted me, but I am trying again. 112 more words

Pity Party

Pity Or Compassion?

I realize most of my blog reflects on my past life and struggles. Thing is, I don’t ask for sympathy. But why do people pity me? 245 more words

Deaf Girl

Colorful Chaos

In losing everything< we begin to come home to ourselves. Complete devastation has a way of cracking our hearts wide open so we can begin the decent into the valley of original medicine AKA who we came here to be. 1,156 more words


Silence (Rambling Post)

One light, keeping my ability to see. My ability to flinch at every movement I see out of the side of my eye. My ability to sit around and stare at a bright screen talking to myself. 292 more words

Pity Party

Rant: Welcome to the Pity Party!

Sadly, I tend to see a few politically themed posts on Facebook, especially from FB friends who seem to have a decent head on their shoulders. 611 more words