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Transformed by Stillness

Pity Party

Have you ever been in a place that God had you take a season of rest? Did you feel useless and have a pity party or did you take advantage of the time? 525 more words



The only thing’s the same is everything changes…” -Some 90’s Country Singer

I will be honest about my thoughts and feelings on this piece and let you know now that my mind will have changed and may be different in two months or less. 667 more words


Pity party

I have been trying my hardest to not be a Debbie Downer since this all came about last fall.  Sometimes I’m fine and I just forget about it, other times, every little thing reminds me that I have a chronic illness. 365 more words

Clinton: There's the HIllary Standard, and There's the Standard for Everyone Else

From Truth Revolt

“I was saddened by it.”

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton appeared on “60 Minutes” Sunday night with her vice presidential pick Tim Kaine to talk about their campaign. 351 more words


Feeling Sorry For Yourself Can Be A Good Thing

As a scientist, I am always trying to figure out causes and how things work, including emotions. And, as a scientist, I meet failure almost on a daily basis: experiments do not work out as expected, submitted articles get rejected from journals, and the shaming and judging from peers and superiors maintains a feeling of self-worthlessness and stupidity that keeps all sense of entitlement in check. 880 more words

Monday Morning Coffee

The Year of Playing FreeCell

Depression has a way of flipping my perspective. When I’m in its grasp, it’s like no matter how hard I try to appreciate the beauty of the roses, I only feel the bite of  the thorns. 477 more words



What does that word mean to you?

Is it a feeling?

Is it a verb?

Is one or the other?


Half a quart of moonshine will surely make you question if it is one or the next… 42 more words