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Oh reader, woe is me! *picture me here with a dramatic hand pressed to my forehead, looking sorrowfully off into the distance*

I think I’m officially ill. 291 more words



I feel like a lot of events happen in our life and we don’t see or feel the significance of them until later… till after the dust settles. 508 more words

Best Friend

Meet: Melanie Martinez

Meet Melanie Martinez, 20 years old indie pop and alternative rock singer/songwriter and photographer from Baldwin, New York.

Melanie was one of the members in Adam’s team in the third season of The Voice and was eliminated in the fifth week of… 196 more words


Energy down, power down

I wrote 300 words of boring blather about how I’m tired after a week of meeting a daily word quota that is less than what I’ll need to make to meet my… 80 more words


Really? You look like everything is fine!

So life with a brain injury is no day at the beach; at least not for me.

In 2013 when I was injured in Key West and originally diagnosed with a concussion, I knew something wasn’t right. 1,233 more words


People who want pity parties all the time. June•21•2015

Yall are wearing me out. Yall gotta blog more, get a diary, a pet or something. I’m not about to be miserable with you 24/7.

Summer Solstice

Hello, my darling Thrillerati! A blessed Summer Solstice and Father’s Day to you! I have been pretty quiet in this space recently. I have been practicing what my mother taught me: If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say, Don’t Say Anything At All. 330 more words