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Bad Choices

Why do we knowingly make self-defeating decisions?

Is it the comfort in the disappointment?

That old familiar friend, self-hate

waiting within our ear to whisper, 51 more words


A different start

Disclaimer: This is basically a Pity-Party-Post. Save yourself from my mere journaling and read some cool stuff on Quora.

Well … I didn’t get a chance to write about Alaska a whole lot. 746 more words


On Speaking Terms

We spoke today for the first time since we parted ways.

Your voice sounded smooth- rich and velvety as it always has- but it sounded younger today. 103 more words


You're Invited to My Pity Party!

You’re invited! Right here on social media – my special pity party.  All 637 of you on my friends list get to come!

I promise to be vague, I promise to provide lots of emoticons, and I promise to give you just a few details so that you can guess the individual that’s hurt me but I don’t say her name outright. 1,158 more words

Christian Living

Today's To Do List

What will I do today

Visit yesteryear

Throw a pity party

Tally my mistakes


Visit the graves of dreams

Cry over spilt milk

Crawl into a dark cave… 65 more words


Pity Party (spanish version)

Canción original de Melanie Martinez
Traducción: Alex
Instrumental/music box: https://goo.gl/uECWNF
Imágenes en el video 1 2 3


Y mis invitados ¿Donde están?
¿Por qué puse tanto amor en cada letra? 211 more words

How to throw a grown-up temper tantrum

I’m quite experienced at grown-up temper tantrums. I’ve thrown quite a few during my adult years. You’re probably surprised by that (if you know me personally) because my pity parties aren’t like lightning storms, loud for all to see. 910 more words