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The Pity Party

Guest Writing Prompt: “Write about a recent conflict.” 

By Becca @The Married Cat Lady

I send a text to my roommate: Haven’t heard from Jimmy still. 1,061 more words

Writing Prompts

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Sooooo I was a guest blogger over by Kirsty Allen today! Check out some of my fiction writing in this piece, and check out Kirsty's Blog, Ramblings of a Madwoman!

Have a Hug. You're Worth It.

It feels like Monday. It’s been a long week. Already. Last week I hurt my upper extremity, from the tips of my fingers to my neck. 1,049 more words

Can't stop, won't stop

So I finally had my gallbladder removed.

*celebration commences*

*record scratch*

*sad trombone noise*

Basically, recovering from having an actual organ removed while also trying to care for your almost 5 month old baby is the worst. 154 more words

Mom Life

And That's the Truth

We live in an era when everyone is afraid to speak the truth.  An era in which when people are overweight and their doctor suggests that if they lost it they might be in less pain these same people say, “Nah.  634 more words

Self pity party.

It’s not necessarily that time of the year, y’know, the one where everyone is like “January is the most depressing month” obviously because it’s Feb already. 127 more words

To The God Girls In My Life

Sing it with me, “We are family, I got all my sisters with me.” I’ll spare you the rest because I have no intentions of making this about Sister Sledge or worse, getting this catchy lyric stuck in your head. 420 more words

Reflections From My Heart

am i just an 'asian writer'?

I was having coffee with an Asian friend the other day who, over the whitest brunch imaginable (eggs benedict and a flat white), asked me if I felt comfortable being an “Asian writer”. 479 more words

Pity Party