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A New Day

I hope you enjoyed my little pity party last night.  I normally “choose” happiness.  I think it was in part because the weekends when Mike is gone are the hardest -particularly Saturday night…go figure!  258 more words

You're Invited!

Surprise! I’m having a party, and you’re invited!

As I have recently found another place that I don’t belong, and struggle to figure out where I do belong, or if I belong anywhere at all, I have decided to throw myself a party.  253 more words

A Party For One

Tonight, I am throwing a party. A pity party. No, I don’t want you to feel bad for me (even though I clearly feel bad for myself right now). 263 more words


Chemo and Food: My Ugly Truth

Let me preface this post by saying: I’m no pro and won’t ever claim to be. This blog, these posts, are based on me and my experiences alone, and are not at all meant to be a guide for anyone! 1,385 more words

Here Come the Waterworks. . .

I had not really allowed myself to “fall apart” over the events in my life recently. A few tears and a lot of involuntary heavy sighs, but that’s about it. 700 more words



Or something.

Rage at what? The state of the world has me so dissatisfied. I want to rally. I want to fight. I want to level the playing field. 352 more words


Red Raspberries and Pity Parties

How time flies.

Yet again, I’ve come to realise that it has been over 4 weeks since I last posted, how does the time go so quickly? 1,090 more words