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Grandpa Issues... maybe?

I am nearly 27 years old and my grandfather does not know me. Not because he has Alzheimers or memory loss or anything medical like that… 208 more words


On Death

My little sister, Brooke, who juniored me by 18 months, was in a tragic car accident with two other teens early in the morning of March 24, 2008. 458 more words


Fiction: Pity Party (169 words)

Jack sat quietly alone in his apartment.  It had actually happened. He and the woman he still considered the love of his life were officially divorced.  153 more words


You've been invited to this pity party!

The life of a freelance is quite tiresome, you know.

People (or peeple, like I like calling them) believe that you just have a lot of free time. 455 more words

Bad Friend

Take 2

I haven’t even logged in here for the past 3 weeks, deciding to just take a break from the whole rollercoaster of IVF. I found myself missing everyone’s entries though and now that I’ve made a decision on how to continue on I’m back on board. 248 more words

keep it together

tiny and small and


as you try to remember what you’ve accomplished

and fail to produce a spark

and then you remember that you are nothing… 116 more words

Pity Party

Of course there's hope

I have to keep remembering that there is hope.

Last night I had a little breakdown. I made the mistake of visiting a web site where people were talking about their experience with, Copaxone,  the MS drug I’ll be taking. 246 more words