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This song reminds me a lot of how I am going to create Echo, one of the wealthy daughters of the city Igniose. She is the master of Madeline, 23-years old, and obsessed with John, son of a lowly farmer. 7 more words


Dear Bee, if you get an invitation to a pity party...

…CHUCK that thing in the bin!

It may be embossed, colourful, with beautiful curvy writing, but it’s not going to do you any good.

A pity party is a very appealing thing, I know. 508 more words

On Doing for Others

On Throwing Oneself a Pity Party, on Becoming Completely Wrapped Up in the World’s Smallest Possible Package—and on Escaping Those Confines and Expanding Beyond Them By Doing Something Good for Someone Else: Former High-Profile NFL Prospect Finds His True Purpose in, of All Places, Prison… 641 more words

Stop the Pity Party

I have noticed a trend in today’s society, the pity party. We love to spend our mental energy by pitying ourselves in hopes that our peers pity us. 270 more words

Health And Wellness


I keep going back and fourth between decideing what I deserve in life.

Tell me why for the first time in years, I think I’ve actually been lucky enough to be around someone that sticks around through my bullshit? 212 more words

Born to Shop I'm not ...

But … every now and then the only remedy for what ails me, the only hope I’ll survive, is a day all to myself, no company needed thank you very much,  741 more words

Shoulda Woulda Couldn't

It woulda if it coulda but

you woulda hadda givva

and you didn’t.

If ya woulda then i coulda

but you didn’t so i can’t. 61 more words

Apply, Lather, Rinse, Repeat