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Standing Still

It’s hard to write anything here for me, mostly because I have nothing noteworthy to write. My life is pretty much in the same place it was 5 years ago, even a decade ago. 705 more words


Sometimes You Need a Pity Party

I don’t think you’d be human if you were sunshine and roses every day, especially in the face of chronic struggles and hardships. However, some will tell you you’re not a good Christian if you share that you are depressed or upset or frustrated.  866 more words

Chronic Illness

Pity Parties as Dream Killers

There are certain kinds of “friends” you should avoid at all costs: Pity party kinda friends. 210 more words


Black Friday

I had a panic attack on Friday. It came out of nowhere. I was just watching TV enjoying myself when BOOM! What the hell stress? Where’s your decency? 1,105 more words


Head, Meet Wall....

I’m blocked.

I don’t have any ideas. I have no idea what to write about that might carry any interest. How many people will actually read it anyways? 645 more words

That Occasional Sprinkle

Skool Sux

You know those papers that you are just so overly proud of? The ones you spend hours and hours on perfecting it? The ones you ACTUALLY made a rough draft for? 481 more words

where's the line between being honest with yourself and self-pity?

i gotta admit – it’s fucking blurry. i can’t see shit.

you know when you’re reading something online and then it just hits you: i’m not even really that good at the things i say i’m good at. 500 more words

Pity Party