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xoJane writer: I used to deliver babies, but now I'm an abortionist and nobody likes me! Wah!

I suffer so other women don’t have to.

My brilliant abortionist career

I love delivering babies. I never wanted to give it up. And yet I’ve found myself in a place where I had to make a choice no obstetrician/gynecologist (ob/gyn) should have to make: provide care for women who deliver babies, or provide care for women who need abortions, just not both.

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Stuck in a rut or careening downhill with no breaks?

Good news everyone – hubby won his cricket grand final on the weekend. There remains only presentation night this Saturday then we are done and dusted for this season, and I get a break until September, which will be filled with Footy and Supercoach & Dream team & yelling at the tv and watching the same game from 1986 on repeat! 858 more words


Looking ahead.

New cycle.
Going to skip letrozole for this and maybe next month. The hormonal cascade from last time lasted me two great cycles and two meh cycles before crapping out. 218 more words


How to Blow Out the Pity-Party Candles

Welcome to a pity-party. Pass out the party hats, blow up balloons, and strike up the band…oh, and don’t forget the Wailing Wall, because it’s a pity-party. 519 more words

Bad Attitude


I’m feeling it.  That pressure that sits right behind the eyeballs.  The pressure of knowing there is more to do than can be done, and that leaves you feeling paralyzed and unable to do anything.   381 more words


Just keep scrolling. Really.

Time for a pity-party. Not a raging one or a long one just a quick one. I got my head shaved and I felt – a little – like I have a new lease on life – no idea why. 636 more words



Woke up this morning to a huge temp drop from 98.8 to 98. Estrogen surge, with sudden increase in cervical fluid and…a little blood. A trace. 187 more words