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Looking for some inspiration?

If you’re in a creative field, or you just need to look at something unusual to give you some perspective, check out Pixdaus.

Pixdaus is a photo site that is updated nearly every second, near as I can tell, by photographers and artists from around the world. 115 more words

Jon Friesch

pixdaus - funny picture

Click on the ‘merged’ photo below to view a group of amusing photos.


pixdaus - funny picture

Click on the photo to view a larger version of the picture.


Pixdaus: More Great Photos

Another site with great photos – some of the landcsape photos are breathtaking.



Photography and the (Lost) Art of Seeing

Two online photography fads that are annoying me: HDR and fake tilt and shift.

High dynamic range photography (HDR) is a technique of digitally sandwiching multiple exposures of the same scene in order to increase the dynamic range of the photograph. 516 more words