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Growing out my pixie.....

Ugghhhhh! That is the only way to start this post, it sums up my feelings to growing out my pixie cut, and stupidly this is not the first time I have done this. 375 more words

Wedding Hair: Pixie Edition

As Michelle Williams has said, “I feel like myself with short hair.” I couldn’t agree more. Like any individual, I have a lot of insecurities when it comes to my appearance, and would change almost everything about me physically if I had the chance. 187 more words


What I've learned from going blue

And I mean literally blue! I’ve been blue for about a month now and in this season of rest, processing what’s going on in my life, and healing, it’s been quite insightful. 562 more words

Life Lessons

My Most Versitile Cut Yet: The Pixie

“All I want is a mohawk!”

I used to repeat this quite often while sitting in my hairdresser’s chair. I would look at the lengths of my split-end hair, which at the time fell to the middle of my back, and sigh with the anxiety of change. 434 more words

Food For Thought

Growing out a pixie cut in 10 easy steps (with pictures!)

Step One: The Perfect Pixie

It looks fabulous, I am an adorable hipster Instagram feed in real human form. I am Natalie Portman. Audrey, even. The world is mine! 421 more words


The Pixie Cut Debate

If you are anything like me, deciding if you are really going to chop all my hair off has become a constant argument with yourself. Let me start by saying, yes, I do have a pixie cut. 813 more words

Hair Cut

Change Is Always Good

Ladies It’s JUST Hair

One thing I always notice is woman are obsessed with hair! I just don’t understand why, my philosophy? It’s just hair, it grows back.   139 more words