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Pixie Cut - Advantages and Disadvantages of the Big Chop

First off, let me start out my saying I do my hair completely myself, cut and color. So I know most people might feel like a pixie can get expensive (having to get it cut frequently), but that is not the case for me. 444 more words


Chop chop!

The back of my neck is really cold. It’s not because I’m in a cold place, and I’m not on a ghost hunt being creeped out. 347 more words


Short Hair for Summer 2017

The effects of winter, cold weather and central heating can easily take its toll on our hairstyle making it dry, dull and lifeless. With Summer… 261 more words


Capillus Brevus es Libertas

So in love with my shorn head right now.

I really do feel liberated. When I cut away my hair I cut away my anxiety over how my hair looks. 286 more words

Having My Cake and Eating It Too (Chop Chop)

Well, I did it. I finally did it.

I got allll my hair cut off.


I definitely don’t have the face for it. I commented to the stylist that with my face and build I could be mistaken as a dude. 277 more words

Why I Allowed My Daughter To Cut Her Hair

About two months ago, my six-year old daughter asked to have her shoulder-length hair cut like her brother’s hair (quite short). I waited a few weeks before making the appointment for her, periodically checking to see if she still wanted to do. 464 more words

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It's Cutting Season!

I know that most sistas are natural these days,but some still relax their hair. In order to wear some of the hottest short cuts these days,you almost HAVE to relax your hair. 212 more words

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