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Why Getting A Pixie Cut Is The Best

Those of you who read my blog fairly often probably know that I have short hair – not that it’s a big deal or anything, it’s just not what you typically see on girls and women. 898 more words


2017, the year of my hair!

It may seem strange to dedicate a year to my hair, but it was both the lowlight and highlight of the year for me, and where I am with my hair now leaves me feeling really happy going into 2018. 474 more words


Making the cut: Why do I “look like a boy”?

Pixie hair. Boy-short. Masculine cut.

I have short hair, a flat chest, and I like to wear my shirts completely buttoned-up. From that description, you would guess that I am a boy. 766 more words

Pixie Progress

Growing out my pixie cut a wee bit and it’s SO MUCH less fun than cutting it all different ways.

Come give me your vote…. 7 more words

RV Oilers

Today I Hate My Hair and That's Okay...Maybe.

Today is one of those days where I’m thinking “why am I even trying to grow this out?” I’ve been pulling on it, pleeding it to grow. 105 more words

Growing Out Short Hair

Clay figures & haircuts

Today we went through our reports from the street style research we conducted yesterday. It was really interesting to see all the different people we interviewed and hear how they dress up and present themselves every day, and how that affects and is affected by their personas. 262 more words


Starting to look like a pixie

I’m really happy with how my hair is growing out. A month or so ago I sacrificed some length, to give my hair some shape – and now I can really see the difference it makes. 25 more words