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Bad Hair Day

The definition of a “bad hair day in the fifties was very different from today’s version. We didn’t have hair salons that offered every possible adventure in hair coloring and styling, which today’s salons offer and charge large amounts of money for sheen and fluff. 825 more words

Memory Keeping

Being Blonde is a Part of Me

You may not have been born blonde, but that’s alright. True blondes can also be created. Your soul is blonde, your aura is blonde, even if the hair on your head is black or red or brown. 811 more words

Long Hair Really Ain't All That

Have you ever heard of that saying “what works for someone else may not necessarily work for you”? Well, the same can be said for long hair. 357 more words



I saw a psychic today.  I cut my hair back into a pixie today.  I felt like myself today.

She told me all that I was afraid to admit to myself.   412 more words


Why Cutting Off All My Hair Was A Liberation In Many Ways

There’s a liberation in…

Knowing life’s exhaustible fragility. Working a job that deals with end of life care has had me rethinking what’s really important. It has awoken a freedom inside of me like I never felt before. 707 more words

Life, Inspired

The Horror of a Visit From Grandma

Picture in your mind the cutest little grandma you’ve ever seen, she bakes treats all the time and drinks iced tea. I assume that’s what grandma’s do regularly, my grandma bakes spinach lasagna and would condemn you to hell if you drink tea. 1,191 more words

My Weird Family

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So much has been going on since I last wrote. I finally broke it off completely with my on-again-off-again “boyfriend” of about four years. He didn’t really treat me very well and told me many times that we’d never be long-term. 146 more words