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So I'm Growing Out My Pixie Cut

So I decided to grow out my pixie. I found myself lusting over top knots and beach waves- things that my 2 inch locks just can’t achieve. 352 more words


Best Haircut For Women With Big Nose | 10 Looks To Disguise

Conceals small imperfections of your nose with a haircut that focus attention on your best features. Discover them! The nose is that part of our body that often complexed us and would like to change. 42 more words

Before & After: A Self Portrait Series

n.b. these are not fanceh photos, they are not intended to be, i mean the backdrop is literally my mess of a room. they’re just meant to be recording a big change. 477 more words

Growing Pains

I am gracing you today with this stunning photo of myself at about age five. While I’m sure I look exactly like the princess you’d expect me to with my fair skin, poised self, beautiful smile, and golden locks…I shared this photo to summarize my overall feeling of growing…my hair. 2,730 more words

remember that time i had teal hair for 30 hours? yeah, that was awesome.

It was amazing. It’s no more. It’s sad. And it makes me rethink the world. And what’s important. Happiness. My feeling at this point in my life? 46 more words

15 Months Of Growing Out A Pixie Cut

In 2014, I got a little antsy and switched my long blonde hair for a brown bob.

Around the same time in 2015, I took it a step further and lobbed off my hair into a pixie cut. 1,022 more words


Short hair don't care

I saw a friend of mine last year, she had always had long, auburn hair. Sometimes with – sometimes without a fringe but her long hair was essentially gorgeous. 358 more words