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Bronte Pixie Boot

Shoes Of Redfern loves Sonja. On the way to Bronte Beach she captured this solo bootee image in a striking portrait mode.

Thanks Sonja

single Childs boot, pink.


Two Pixies meet an Old Man

Once there was an old man. A very nice and friendly old man. He was very kind to everyone. But sooner or later they would all go home, and the old man would go back to his little house, and he would be lonely and sad. 445 more words


why i cut my hair shorter (and shorter.. and shorter)

Picture this – long, golden, thick hair that reaches just before your hips. Nearly rapunzel level. All the different hairstyles, headbands, clips and not to mention the wonders hot hair appliances could manage. 684 more words



This morning I intend to cut my long hair off (once I’ve finished my coffee and the heating has warmed up the bathroom nicely).  I’ve thought about it and how I am totally fed up to the back teeth with it.  433 more words


Nabokov on a Yellow Post-It (c)

I found a square of paper

A golden-yellow Rhombus

The sticky quadrilateral

The blank parallelogram

Calling to be filled. A Post-It

Like a bright-yellow net for… 256 more words


A Rapunzel Hair Story

Once upon a time, like Rapunzel, I had a mane of long, luscious hair. Then one day, I cut it all off (not Eugene). Yup. All gone. 713 more words