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First Glimpse (Dani's POV)

Dear Kat,

Oliver has maids! Two of them and they do everything. They have made the beds, washed the dishes, cleaned and folded my clothes and made me meals when all I was looking for was a cookie. 267 more words

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My Pixie

Why did I get my pixie? I wanted to try something new and different. Everybody wants something to have that makes them feel significant in one way or another. 324 more words


How It All Began

In 2007, I found Pixie crying in bed as I came home from a night out with my then future sister-in-law.
This was when Pixie poured her heart out and admitted that she is hiding behind the male form of my husband, and that she needed to tell someone. 156 more words

The Tale Of Firefly And Pixie

A Caged Pixie (Piyoko - Bobobie Pixie)

I hate hearing people call a sculpt or company cheap, trashy, or downright ugly. Though I will admit that sometimes the less expensive sculpts have their own issues to deal with, the saying “a bad carpenter blames his tools” comes to mind. 187 more words

Ball Jointed Doll

Designer Wear for Kitties (Dani's POV)

Dear Sheldon,

I’m sorry to inform you that I was not able to find the requested Italian leather shoes in your tiny cat size. Yes, Oliver even asked if it was possible. 192 more words

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If you are looking for a new look, perhaps a shorter hair this summer, supermodel Tyra Banks stands as a good inspiration.

This chic brown with blonde highlight pixie takes years off Tyra’s face and highlights her gorgeous facial structure which she’s famous for. 54 more words


Greetings from Milan (Dani's POV)

Hi Kat,

I’m not sure if you’ll get these but I wanted to keep some sort of record of my trip. Oliver and I arrived safely from Scotland, and despite being exhausted from the flight I found the energy to go out to eat and buy shoes. 138 more words

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