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Toad's Tale

Here I am reading the only children’s story I ever wrote. It was part of a writing exercise.

Random Thoughts

The Journal of Cyrus O'Hara, IV

Pg. 16-20, 60-63: “The Barren Court” 

October 22nd, 1884 – According to Teaberry, the fae inhabitants of the Pine Barrens do not hold allegiance to any of the ruling faerie courts of Europe. 401 more words


Pippa's Story: Chapter 12

“I believe we may be off track, Kieran.” The two companions had been traveling for what seemed like ages by now. They tried to follow the river, but found it was difficult to pinpoint the actual river with all the tributaries running off it. 1,705 more words


The Journal of Cyrus O'Hara, III

Pg. 10-15: “The Pine Pixies”

October 4th, 1884 – My little guide met me in the morning, out on the edge of the bogs of Friendship. 1,087 more words


S.S.O.S. (Stop Spoiling Our Songs)

Back now to our trawl through songs which have been debased by being used in adverts, and your suggestions are coming in thick and fast. 88 more words


On Faeries: Pixies

In modern popular culture, it has become fairly common for the term “pixie” to be used interchangeably with “fairy” as a generic term for faerie folk. 1,117 more words