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How Did This Happen!? - Bodega

Damned Hipsters!

Look at them with their Lo-Fi stage craft and their outrageous headwear. Their 360 degree VR video and their irreverence for the standard tropes of the rock game. 266 more words


Pixies: Doolittle

Nineteen Eighty-Nine. I graduated from high school. For this reason alone, the year stands out as formative in my personal history, though there were also many other factors that made it so.  945 more words


Solomon and the Pixies

The Pixies recorded a song entitled “Ain’t that pretty at all“. It’s a cover of the Warren Zevon song by the same name. The first verse is: 425 more words


The Pixie War Has Begun


by Carrie Jones

Need #3

Young Adult, Supernatural, Paranormal Romance

Zara and Nick are soul mates, meant to be together for ever. But that’s not quite how things have worked out.

616 more words
Book Review

Dig for Fire.

Aaaaaannnd that’s why shit is so hot in Japan.

If there is one piece of esoteric knowledge that I could share with you, it’s that Japan will challenge your internal compass as well as your ability to process urban planning. 275 more words


#SOTD - Pixies - "Where is My Mind?"

I was informally introduced to the Pixies via David Fincher’s 1999 movie adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s satire of toxic masculinity Fight Club. The movie ends with our unnamed protagonist, bullet wound through his cheek, hand-in-hand with the object of his affection, watching several buildings collapse demolition-style. 469 more words