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Surfer Rosa by Pixies

I first heard about the Pixies when I was reading about Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain; the grunge legend said that he was ripping off Pixies’ quiet and loud style in Nirvana’s biggest hit,  426 more words


Doolittle - Pixies

From Doolittle to the Last Splash: The Story of Kim Deal and my Internalised Misogyny

Madeleine Connolly

When I was thirteen I only wanted to listen to music that boys I liked also listened to. 1,084 more words


Pixies at Glasgow Barrowlands some six weeks ago was a real highlight in terms of live performances in 2016. Ok, there was no Kim Deal and I’d be lying if I said things were just the same without her, but Paz Lenchantin is a very capable replacement on bass and occasional vocals and to be fair, she’d never dream of taking a turn on Gigantic. 115 more words


The Hatchlings and the Pixies

The nesting cave was quiet, shimmering dragon eggs resting in twos and threes as a score of pixies flitted around them, ensuring that all was as it should be. 458 more words

Story Snippets

1. Gnome Intro

In the silence of the night, by the glow of the full moon, faint foot steps can be heard across the garden.

2 Pointy green hats appear just above the flower bed leaves. 708 more words