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Healing Dream

I was feeling tired yesterday afternoon so sloped off to bed for a kip.

I had a dream where I was in a room looking at others in a bigger room for a festive occasion. 230 more words

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Ancient Earth Guardians

The other day I was reading one of my favourite blogs, one I stumbled across a while back:  The World According to Dina

In this particular post Dina had included some of the best photos of the Standing Stones of Callenish that I have seen. 108 more words

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Shine on You Crazy Diamond

Trump will go, but the world will live on forever because so many are fighting for its future.

Here’s to the heroes around the world who are organising to support Planet Earth, her survival and future generations.

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Rose Galore!

I’ve been playing around with an image of a rose I found on Pixabay – working with the Pixlr and Toolwiz apps on my tablet. Just thought I’d show how easy it is to create different pieces of art from one original image.

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Super Moon over North Cyprus

I just happened to look out the window this evening, around 6.30pm, to see this month’s Super Full Moon shining big and bright, much more brilliant than the last Super Moon that everyone banged on about. 39 more words

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Art Playground

I’ve been having enormous fun playing with a new app I discovered by accident called ToolWiz, and also an updated version of piZap.  The piZap site is only available for current users and only on Chrome or Apple, to test out new features and give feedback. 39 more words

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Worlds Within Worlds

I created this piece of digital art from an image I created with SilkArt, then superimposed with various overlays from Pixlr.

It seemed to me to signify the various layers we can imagine in alternative, parallel universes.

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