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Cosmic Dancer (AEDMN#28)

I came across a piece of digital art with purple bubbles and I have no idea where it came from. So I added an image of a dancing spirit, fiddled around with Pixlr, changed the image to green, and wah-lah: Cosmic Dancer.

Digital Art


Something a bit different as last night I had a very strong healing dream where I was reminded that the presence of a black panther in an earlier dream was an energy/totem figure for me. 34 more words

Digital Art


I came across the image of a deserted house in the Appalachian Mountains in the US and, as I usually do with empty houses, wondered what had happened to the original inhabitants and their dreams and lives. 49 more words

Digital Art

Cosmic Mother (AEDMN23)

I played with an earlier, acrylic painting I created back in Australia of Baubo, goddess of laughter, raucous merriment and kicking up your heels. The original painting was bright orange and I really enjoyed playing silly with it. 17 more words

Digital Art

Lens on London (AEDMN22)

I fiddled with a photo I took of London in 2012 at the Royal Festival Hall on the south bank of the Thames.

I had a reunion with about seven girlfriends from my university days – we hadn’t seen each other for nigh-on forty years but it felt like yesterday. 30 more words

Digital Art

Respect, Remember, Honour: Rosa Parks & Muhammad Ali

I was prompted to create the above after reading a couple of stories about the courage, honour and tenacity of Rosa Parks and Muhammad Ali. 595 more words

Truly Madly Deeply (AEDMN13)

I created a painting honouring Spider Woman when I lived in Pingelly, on the wheatbelt east of Perth, Western Australia, in 2005.  It’s framed, hangs opposite my desk and yesterday I felt the urge to fiddle with it.  203 more words

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