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I have a theory that, if we could float above the Universe and Planet Earth, we’d see a picture of a kaleidoscope which operates unknown to us but links us to each other and to bits and pieces of life and history in ways which resemble a kaleidoscope. 504 more words

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Mystic Mo

I haven’t mentioned it on here but we are going to be on the move again some time in the future. I absolutely love living here in North Cyprus, but the intense heat of this summer really knocked me for six and the older I get the less able I am to tolerate not just high temperatures but also the very high humidity of this summer. 440 more words

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Yes, We Can - Save the Earth, that is!

I created a piece of digital art from a photo I’d saved of a mountain top at sunset, overlaid with an image of a waterfall. The water around the mountain served for me as an image of climate change, the melting of glaciers, every-hotter temperatures and so on. 225 more words

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in the morning light
grassy dew of a meadow
is my souls delight.

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I created this from an on-line image I found of the Niagara Falls frozen in super-cold weather last winter. I was interested to see what looks like the pale purple image of a dolphin in the middle towards the right (or it might just be my imagination!). 36 more words

Reach for the Stars

I created this digital art from a photo I took of a fig tree at a restaurant where we had a meal recently. I superimposed another photo of a fig tree taken earlier this year when it was just coming into leaf, then added a layer of starry images. 55 more words

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Riot Not Diet

A friend happened to notice a passer-by wearing a tattoo saying “Riot Not Diet”, which I thought was pretty nifty, so here’s a poster of the words. 42 more words

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