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Worlds Within Worlds

I created this piece of digital art from an image I created with SilkArt, then superimposed with various overlays from Pixlr.

It seemed to me to signify the various layers we can imagine in alternative, parallel universes.

Digital Art

Flight of Power -Power of Flight (aedm29)

I created this with Pixlr and an image I had of a bald-headed eagle.

Digital Art

Rocks at Prayer (AEDM17)

Two for the price of one today: Rocks at Prayer. The original photo is of Langi Beach in Western Australia. I played with PicMonkey and Pixlr, with the resultant image (pink and green) reminding me of rocks at prayer for planetary and galactic love with the pink and green chakra colours. 24 more words

Digital Art

Fly Me to the Moon (AEDM16)

I came across something I’d written a while back “Bury the Beige, Pimp the Purple” which inspired me to work with purple today. I dithered over what to call the image but then remembered that rather nice ballad “Fly Me to the Moon” and hey – I had the title!


Digital Art

Full Moon Mojo (AEDM15)

I created this from last night’s full moon which, in North Cyprus, anyway, looked only slightly bigger than usual. I did get some interesting pics from the cloud cover. 14 more words

Digital Art

House of Happiness

I created this image from a photo I came across a while back of a tree adorned with necklaces of all kinds. I superimposed it over a colourful pattern and the result I called “House of Happiness” as the colours are so bright and cheerful.

Digital Art

To the Stars (AEDM9)

I couldn’t post yesterday as we had a power cut, but today I did an image for healing of grief – I have lost two good friends in the past couple of months, one to a massive heart attack at 58 and another to breast cancer at 64. 109 more words

Digital Art