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A Word a Week Photo Challenge: Floating Lily Pads

A few images of waterlilies rising above their floating lily pads.

These have been run through Pixlromatic, my new favourite photo app.

A Word a Week Photograph Challenge: Float

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Cee's Fun Foto Challenge: Abstracts in Waterlogue Plus

Anyone who has been following me lately may have noticed a bit of an obsession with photo apps.

Here are some abstract photos run through Waterlogue, an app that turns your photos into watercolours, and then run through a second app, just to see what happens!

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One Word Challenge: Melon

A melon that wants to a rose.
Some melon-coloured roses.

More interpretations of ‘Melon’ at Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Challenge: Melon.

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March Week 3 One Four Challenge: Mixing It Up With Pixlromatic, Stackables & Waterlogue

This week I am still playing around with Pixlromatic and Stackables, two very similar photo apps. Plus I added Waterlogue into the mix!

Fire & Ice with Pixlromatic and Stackables…
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One Four Challenge March Week 2 : Frozen Sunset

Last week in Pixlromatic I went for FIRE; this week I tried out Stackables, a similar type of app to Pixlromatic, and went for ICE.

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