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Pareggio con goals tra Messico e Germania nella prima partita del Gruppo C: 2 a 2 all’Arena Fonte Nova, con reti tutte nella ripresa. Due volte in vantaggio, i centro-americani si fanno sempre raggiungere dai teutonici: apre le danze Oribe Peralta di testa al 52° assistito da Michael Pérez, pareggia 6 minuti dopo Serge Gnabry servito da Niklas Süle; Rodolfo Pizarro prova nuovamente a portarla dalla parte dei messicani al 61°, ma Matthias Ginter al 78° salva i tedeschi dalla sconfitta con un colpo di testa, imbeccato da Julian Brandt.

Flash Da Rio

Lima - a 'very well organised' chaos

Thursday, 10th September 2015

Arriving in Lima is an interesting (understand puzzling, slightly scary) experience.

After a very smooth trip all the way from London to the capital of Peru via Madrid, I got in a private taxi and started a funny journey through Lima’s suburbs. 449 more words


So today I was invited to an impromptu celebratory lunch with work colleagues which was lovely, and lets face it, you’re not going to turn down a lunch! 548 more words


"Trust me!" - a leap of faith

Trust is one of the more beautiful words in the English language. It is also a very fragile word. Just like respect, trust is hard to earn and easy to lose, and once broken, trust is difficult to repair. 1,777 more words


Mailens in Bermondsey Street

Bermondsey Street is buzzing, trendy, and we love it!

We spent Sunday in the area and we discovered some really little gems. Whether you fancy a coffee, brunch, a glass of wine or some tapas, Bermondsey street is the place. 197 more words


Found - the Lonely Goatherd

What a difference a few days makes – having seen an updated weather forecast we returned to Plan A and went to a campsite that appeared to be the nearest to El Chorro, at Pizzara. 275 more words