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Birding Darien national park, Panama. Part 4, Getting to Rancho plástico from Rancho frío.

On May 4th, we woke up early and got ready to bird the surroundings of Rancho frío, this is a ranger station at the Darien national park. 390 more words

Panacas and the Political Influence

Right before the Spanish Conquerors arrived to what now is known as Peru, a war facing two brothers was happening in the area. They were Huascar and Atahualpa. 1,136 more words


Crazy about José

Today I have a special treat for you, a review of one of my favorite restaurants in London. I know I have many favorites, but José is a bit like Matkonsulatet in Stockholm, a place with many fond memories. 516 more words


La Mestiza de Pizarro

Author: Alvaro Vargas Llosa

Language: Spanish

Summary: Más que cronista o historiador, confidente casi, Álvaro Vargas Llosa nos lleva en esta obra apasionante a sentir el latido del corazón de Francisca, la hija mestiza de Pizarro —fruto de sus amores con la princesa inca Inés Huaylas. 79 more words

New Cultures

Space exploration: is it worth it?

With all the news about Orion and the upcoming missions to Mars by SpaceX and Mars One we wanted to pose the question – is it all worth it? 250 more words


Lima - Peru

The city played a leading role in the history of the New World from 1542, when Charles V established the Viceroyalty of Peru there, to the 18th century when the creation of the Viceroyalties of New Granada (1718) and particularly of La Plata gradually put an end to the omnipotence of the oldest Spanish colony on South America. 310 more words


"Sólo Áltera se comprometió con la reivindicación histórica de la figura de Blas de Lezo cuando nadie se acordaba de él"

Blas de Lezo ya goza de la estatua que muchos reivindicaban para él por todo lo que dio a este país hace más de dos siglos, alma y partes de su cuerpo incluidos. 1,343 more words