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Seed-Saving, Kindling and Butterflies

Here’s the evening podcast from Bealtaine Cottage… Talking kindling, pizza dough and what to do in the garden…

The Seed Site on Bealtaine Cottage has been updated today and now includes Willow. 122 more words


Pizza Dough Recipe

Finally after years of messing about with doughs I have..I think came up with one that will mean you never go out for Pizza again. 367 more words


Pizza at Home

I took the pizza topping test in the internet, and it turns out “I may be a little different than everyone else, but I am  still loved by many”. 662 more words


Homemade Pizza Dough in the Bread Maker

I love making my own pizza dough. It’s not very hard and I like that I know what the ingredients are.



Fresh Tomato Cheese Pizza with Asparagus and Prosciutto Ham

One pound pizza dough

Crisco to put on the pan

3 cups seasoned fresh tomatoes

One cup cut asparagus

8 slices diced cut ham

13 slices Muenster cheese slices… 169 more words


24-Hour No-knead Pizza Dough

A while back I found this pizza dough recipe, and it has revolutionized homemade pizza for me completely. I would actually agree with the author of the recipe’s posit that it could be the best pizza you will ever make. 437 more words


Since this is one of our favorite foods, the recipe was bound to show up here sometime! I made stromboli for dinner tonight, and it’s not even Friday (which is when I usually cook Italian)! 205 more words