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Making Pizza at Home

Pizza is always a crowd pleaser. Instead of ordering in, become a pizza chef for the night. Making your own pizza is great for a fun family dinner, or as the basis of a themed party. 861 more words


The Outdoor Classroom/Pizza Oven

Although the rainy weather makes classes in the outdoor classroom a rarity, when spring term finally heats up classes come out here to enjoy some nature. 96 more words

On Campus

Wood Fired Apps

Now that our pizza oven is up and running, we are trying to perfect different wood fired appetizers.  Of course, any of these can be done in an oven… but when the pizza oven is fired up to 1000F, appetizers don’t take long! 124 more words

What's For Dinner

Rock Star DIY Backyard BBQ

There are so many choices when considering setting up a new backyard BBQ, which can become a bit overwhelming and at times confusing. There are options out there, that just don’t make any sense to people and others find it a necessity, so let’s talk about a few ideas that we thing will make your personal Backyard BBQ area perfect for you and your guests and leaving them wanting to come back time and time again. 596 more words

Harry's Pizzeria® Downtown Dadeland Update: Now Hiring & Pizza Fiesta-ing for Cinco de Mayo

It’s getting real, people!  Harry’s Pizzeria Downtown Dadeland is opening soon, with activity in the space and our new neighborhood mounting each day.  Our oven, the first  416 more words

Special Event

Product Review: Italia Artisan Pizza Oven

Earlier this month, our Boy Scout Troop camped on Whidbey Island at Fort Ebey State Park. We were in a group site located on a bluff with amazing views of Port Townsend, Fort Worden, Fort Flagler, the Puget Sound, the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and Canada. 554 more words

Outdoor Cooking

Earthbag wall and cob pizza oven part four. Building the pizza oven

The last installment covered rendering the earthbag wall and creating the suspended concrete slab. Now the fun begins, the construction of the pizza oven out of very simple easy to source materials; clay, sand, straw, and water. 980 more words

1.0 THE BLURB !!