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PJ天天都爆满的超好吃海鲜粉!美美海鲜面粥家 B & Best Restaurant's Seafood Noodles @ PJ SS4

终于吃到了PJ SS4鼎鼎有名的海鲜粉,果然名不虚传!

这家餐厅以前叫美美海鲜面粥家,最近换了比较长的名字,叫做亚泉潮州鱼丸海鲜粉粥面家(还是直接叫B & Best比较容易…),老板应该是潮州人,潮州人最会吃海鲜了!这里早上卖海鲜粉,晚上则有另一家餐厅卖大炒 33 more words

美食 - 海鲜

PAST standards - as of 2016

Parenthesis are what you should strive for before Indoc

2 x 25 meter underwater at 3 min interval (5 at 2:30)

500 m swim – 10:07 (9:30) 13 more words

Air Force

Jam and Kaya

Nestled in the corner of the PJ Palms Sport Centre, Petaling Jaya is a quaint little cottage-like building, Jam and Kaya. Jam and Kaya has a cosy, homely interior but only offers minimal seating. 332 more words


又一家吃猪肉的天堂 ,还有烈火燃烧的火焰鸡!#theBBP @ Bandar Utama, PJ


这家叫做#theBBP的餐厅十分隐蔽,隐藏在Bandar Utama叫做的9 Bukit Utama的高级condo里面,不特地用Waze去找,还真不容易找到,属于餐厅兼酒吧,食物以BBQ烧烤为主 71 more words

美食特辑 - 邀约食记

AJR Parades in Onesie in “I’m Not Famous”

AJR’s “I’m Not Famous” looks like a social experiment – how would New Yorkers react if they saw a dude walking around in onesie PJs? Answer: they won’t care. 147 more words


Waffle and... Bacon?!

Yes, you’ve heard it right ;) Not just waffle with ice cream and fruits but bacon too! You can find it nowhere else but at Standing Theory! 568 more words


Product Haul

PJ – Product junkie
One who loves to buy hair products upandan not necessarily because they need it and possibly with a substitute in their growing stash. 122 more words