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My PJs, Let Me Show Them ToYou

Hey look, it’s PJ!

Since we work together he frequently models for tortillas and dog treats.

He’s not proud about it

but a dog has to eat. 36 more words

Sunday - Power Ranger

Exercise Weight Reps Sets Power Snatch 115 3 5 Power Clean 155 3 4 Power Jerk 145 5 3 Snatch High-Pull 135 5 3

Anxiety: 1… 7 more words


Review: Le Bread Days, SS2

Been wanting to try this place for a while now. It really reminds me of The Bread Shop in Bukit Damansara.

They have pastries, paninis, croissants and buns. 86 more words

Foodie Vs Malaysia

Women are not objects, stop covering them!

This picture completely disgusts me.

Men put tarps over all sorts of thing they consider to be their property… but one of these pictures doesn’t belong here. 41 more words


New Poem: Super Powers

Now to the flip side… this poem (actually a Sonnet) was written less than a month ago. I actually wrote this on my birthday. I was caught up in a moment of absolute inspiration and wrote not only this poem, but several others as well. 21 more words


The end of the Thirty-Somethings

To be honest, all our days are numbered but this one has a little more significance to me. Today I turn 39. I have less than a year left of being a Thirty-Something. 201 more words

Christian hypocrisy...

The fact that alleged ‘Good Christians’ are traveling on private planes and live an obscene life of luxury while kids to go bed hungry is evidence of how full of shit they really are regarding their alleged faith. 178 more words