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Kuala Lumpur 0.1

I miss the local food back home in Malaysia. For instance, char kuay teow from a random coffee shop in PJ.

Claypot loh shee fun, pork curry with chee cheong fun, and yam cake from… 30 more words

Sniffing Vicodin In Paris. 

I decided to give this a thing a try, where I attempt to sum up every month in a blog form. It’s more of a release if anything, and it’s probably something I need. 1,860 more words

Selangor Bar Members' Night @ Shah's Village Hotel

It was the first time being at this hotel previously known as Shah’s Motel. The owner Tan Sri H.M. Shah has passed away a few years ago. 7 more words


Where India meets Europe, with a little touch of Venice and a pinch of Greece. Udaipur is a city with a lot of character and if there is one thing that it doesn’t shy away from, it is its romantic reputation. 755 more words


Indian Transport: A Guide

Do you feel safe catching the transport alone? What about at night? So, what’s it like? Yes, yes and great!

These are some common questions I get asked, particularly by women, who want to travel India alone. 862 more words



Everyone holds certain qualities that they are not proud of. They are the kind of character traits that you make a conscious effort to conceal or subdue. 923 more words