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10 years since Scanner Darkly - CNN vs Rotoscoping

Scanner Darkly (the movie) directed by the brilliant Richard Linklater came out in July 2006. The movie has so many things to talk about including the war on drugs (and why it cannot be won), PKD’s own creativity being fuelled by his substance abuse, how scramble suits could be the way to end racism etc. 285 more words


Cultural Sabbatical for June

It’s been a while. Writing projects have kept me and the team remarkably busy. I’m happy to announce that we’ve finished the first round of edits for our novella series. 1,379 more words


PKD, Hypothyroidism, and low energy levels

Whether you’re living with hypothyroidism, PKD, adrenal fatigue, Fibromyalgia, diabetes, or another stressful health condition that causes earlier and speedier depletion of your energy each day, you know what I mean when I say I’ve GOT to find a way to boost my energy levels. 945 more words

Simple Kidney Cysts vs Polycystic Kidney Disease

A kidney cyst is a swollen, round, fluid-filled sac that develops on one or both of the kidneys. These cysts can be associated with serious conditions that affect the kidney’s ability to function, but usually they do not tend to cause complications and are referred to as simple kidney cysts. 643 more words

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Polycystic Kidney Disease

I’ve decided to add information about Polycystic Kidney Disease to this blog since my brother-in-law died from this last week.  My mother-in-law also had it and 3 of her children inherited this disease. 176 more words


PKD, hypothyroidism, and two different reactions to the same book

I read a free sample of a book at two different times of my life.

The first time I read it, I was new to my lunch lady job, and I found myself sitting in my parked car, yelling at my Kindle, reacting to the author’s words as though he were holding me up as a cautionary tale to a group of tourists – who then quietly (some of them whispering to their neighbors) walked carefully around me, looking at me sideways and crossing themselves as they passed. 989 more words

The Divine Invasion (1981) by Philip K. Dick

“When has the government ever told anyone the truth?” (p.76)

The Divine Invasion was published in the same year as VALIS. It is the second book in the VALIS Trilogy, although there is only a brief mention of VALIS in the story.

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