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Radio Free Albemuth, the movie

Radio Free Albemuth, the movie

Radio Free Albemuth is a book by Philip K. Dick and there was a movie made of it recently.  But, I’m sorry to say, don’t waste your time unless you are a Dick fanatic, or a real sci-fi buff that is willing to watch just about anything that’s been made into a movie. 170 more words


New Chapter...never lose HOPE.

It has been awhile since my last post. In the last 5 months many “happenings” have occurred in my life…some good, some bad, and some just plain awful. 1,472 more words

Polycystic Kidney Disease

Done with the boring part...

I have every Philip K. Dick novel and short story labeled with the year it was published (or written, if it was published posthumously).  This took about four hours to do.   133 more words

Got it.

I have the complete written works of Philip K. Dick as a corpus in a folder on my desktop.  I’m going to see how different word frequencies differed in his works before and after his pink light incident in 1974.

February Recap

February 2015: I quit. Then I didn’t.

Tl;dr: I overreacted to the feeling that blogging was (is?) an obligation, and, more generally, “information overload.” It turns out my blogsbuddies have experienced similar feelings and have devised a variety of coping mechanisms. 667 more words

Book Reviews

I'm not Dead...Yet.

I think the 3 posts a week I had originally planned for this blog may have been a slightly grandiose goal.  It’s really easy to underestimate how exhausted you tend to be when you have kidney disease.   445 more words

Kidney Disease