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Kidney transplantation can solve PKD

Can you solve polycystic kidney transplant kidney disease (PKD)? Kidney transplantation is always considered as the last option for people with renal completely failed. In many cases, renal transplant helps patients with renal insufficiency fulfill her dream of living a life without dialysis. 412 more words

How to treat pain for polycystic kidney disease

Polycystic kidney disease patients may suffer from acute or chronic pain in back, stomach, straight you can become more constant and severe, as well as age and continued expansion of bilateral renal cysts in kidneys and pain symptom is more common among women patients. 357 more words

An effective treatment for people with PKD and diabetes

It is hard for some people to link polycystic kidney disease with diabetes. However, actually these diseases may occur in a person. Then the person must urgently find an effective and systemic treatment for people with PKD and diabetes. 324 more words

Best treatment and food for PKD

PKD is a common inherited kidney disease that often affects bilateral kidneys. Sometimes both kidneys are filled with clusters of renal cysts that squeeze normal renal tissues and organs. 358 more words

Traditional Chinese Medicine for Polycystic Kidney Disease

Polycystic kidney disease is a congenital and hereditary disease and patients often need to have some type of treatment for all life time, for it a natural treatment plan and is sure very important. 333 more words

Film as a Subversive Art

“I tend to look at everyday objects and to try to understand our relationship with those objects if they were subverted. And I tend to see the world a little bit differently than other people – for example I often see convenience as an example of how it’s not safe – things that are very convenient tend to be less secure.”

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The Man in the High Castle: When a Nazi-Run World Isn't So Dystopian

(Editor’s note: I recently viewed the pilot for the new “The Man in the High Castle” series and was disappointed for the same reasons mentioned in the article. 1,127 more words