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Share Artikel : Dinamika Catatan Sejarah 30 September 1965 (Zenius)

Jika kita berbicara tentang pemberontakan PKI 30 September 1965 atau yang biasanya kita singkat G30S/PKI, apa yang pertama-tama lu pikirkan? Pembunuhan sadis? Indonesia itu anti Komunis? 3,447 more words


Configuring an HTTPS Pull Server for Desired State Configuration

This blog post will guide you through the process of setting up and configuring an HTTPS Pull Server to deploy Desired State Configurations to nodes. It will also walk you through the process of requesting the cert from the CA (Certificate Authority)! 743 more words




PKI의 구성 요소

  1. 정책 승인 기관 (PAA: Policy Approval Authority)
  2. 정책 인증 기관 (PCA: Policy Certification Authority)
  3. PCA 정책
  4. 인증 기관 (CA: Certificate Authority)
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Require SSL on NDES admin site via PowerShell

Best Practices from Microsoft when deploying Network Device Enrollment Service (available here) states:

“Always set up the administrator site with SSL-only configuration. (Disable http access to this site.)”

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Should the State Apologize to ex-PKI Members?

A lapse of 50 year-time has passed since Communist Party (PKI) was banned and most people who experienced the September 30 Movement (G30S) are getting old and most of them died. 737 more words

The Republic

Encrypting Desired State Configuration (DSC) Credentials

In this blog post we’ll be covering how to encrypt credentials stored in Desired State Configuration (DSC) .mof files. This is a secure alternative to secure plain text passwords in the .mof files. 727 more words


Installing JLab's PKI certificate into Google Chrome

  • download certificate (.crt file) from www.jlab.org/PKI
  • in chrome download box, click on open, should open certificate import dialog box
  • expand Details heading to check signature…
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