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Extended Validation - the Holy Grail of HTTPS?

Ever since I started tinkering with SSL and HTTPS, I have had an unnatural hankering to move over into Extended Validation. It sounded simple enough, as per these Microsoft articles… 97 more words

PKI Certificate

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

PKI is the security infrastructure which provides all necessary services to implement public-key cryptography on open networks and thus enables secure communication using public-key cryptography on those networks. 503 more words


Kopi Pahit Tere Liye

Oleh: Al Muiz Ld.

Selamat pagi Indonesia, salam satu jiwa. Di pagi yang sejuk ini janganlah lupa meminum kopi manis kalau bisa ditambah madu, bersanding gorengan, karena sungguh kopi dan gorengan bagaikan kebahagian semesta. 814 more words


Kubernetes the NOT-so-hard way (7 RackN additions: keeping transparency, adding security)

At RackN, we take the KISS principle to heart, here are the seven ways that we worked to make Kubernetes easier to install and manage. 597 more words

Indonesia’s Gotta Catch All the Communists

A red scare is sweeping Indonesia, digging up the ghosts of the 1965-1966 mass killings, and threatening a fragile democracy.  By Aubrey Belford for Foreign Policy… 1,465 more words


TDISH: Bloodshed in Indonesia

On October 1, 1965, the kidnapping six high ranking Indonesian generals was discovered by government authorities in Jakarta prompting a massive response.  As anti-communist authorities scrambled to respond, one of their number General Suharto took control of the situation and blamed his rival, the PKI – the Indonesian Communist Party, which was tied “30th September Movement” that claimed responsibility for the kidnapping.  103 more words

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