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There comes a point when you begin to wonder what else the PLA does with its time

Another video of PLA soldiers dancing to Xiao Pingguo:

Compare it to the last one, from November 2014. This new version is a much slicker and more media savvy: the dance moves are better, but the production values are much lower. 62 more words


Is China Weaponizing Space For Global Domination?

On December 31, 2015, China’s Central Military Commission formally revamped the organizational structure of the PLA (People’s Liberation Army), forming three new organizations: the Army Leading Organ, the Rocket Force, and the Strategic Support Force. 456 more words

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New Research Sheds Light on 3D Printing Fumes

A few years back, there were some studies on the chemical and particle emissions coming out of the hotends of 3D printers. Although they galvanized a lot of people in the community, the science wasn’t entirely conclusive — one paper made it sound like you needed a hazmat suit for 3D printing, and the other suggested that cooking a meal in a kitchen was worse for you. 272 more words


Announcement: 2015-2016 Lake Draw Down

Please be aware that the permit for the lake draw down is nearing its expiration for the 2015-2016 operation.   The lake must be at capacity by the 13th of February 2016.  39 more words


Keep Your Nozzle Hot and Your Prints Cool

Despite tuning my extruder steps perfectly, and getting good results instantly on larger prints. I was still having a ton of trouble with smaller parts. 860 more words

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People’s Daily unmasks the PLA’s new Strategic Support Force

People’s Daily unmasks the PLA’s new Strategic Support Force
By Ni Guanghui, People’s Daily
Original article

On December 31, 2015, at the same time as the army leading organ and the Rocket Force opened for business, the Strategic Support Force officially took its place in the family of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA)! 1,633 more words


"Will Xi Adopt Keynes? Post-2015 Military Spending and Economic Growth in China"

My latest research, published as an ORF Occasional Paper: http://www.orfonline.org/research/post-2015-military-spending-and-economic-growth-in-china/


China’s economy experienced a significant slowdown in 2015, and its medium-term outlook has been revised downwards and remains so. 135 more words