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The Flipside

by Fred Colton

They were supposed to practice writing Mandarin characters but Luke always just sat there and drew dicks. 4,000 hanzi to learn and not a single one Luke couldn’t turn into a thin veiny phallus. 1,795 more words


Tom Yum Goong

My fascination for South-East Asian food never ends and Tom Yum just tops the list. ‘Tom’ means to boil and ‘Yam’ refers to the Thai spicy and sour salad because it uses the same sauces. 754 more words


A Word of Caution to the Innovative…

Indiana Department of Insurance’s Title Division recently sent the following “word of caution” to all licensed title insurance agents about the restrictions on Provider Preferred Programs.  390 more words

Beijing Victory Parade to Showcase Latest Chinese Military Hardware


China will for the first time present new domestically-made military hardware during the September 3 parade in Beijing marking the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. 257 more words

kisi-kisi pla 2015

operator dalam visual basic

operator perbandingan dalam visual basic

pemberian nama variable pada visual basic

deklarasi global dengan deklarasi lokal

nama event dalam visual basic

pembuatan program dengan if


PLA Member Summer Recreational Camp

Hey kids, don’t miss the PLA Summer Recreational camp!


  • July 6-9
  • July 13-16
  • July 20-23

Weekdays 12:30 PM to 4:00 PM
Sign up for one , two or all three weeks… 58 more words


Pakistan may alter the contours of a unipolar world order

Hussain Saqib

When President Putin postponed his visit to Pakistan in 2012, the most jubilant countries were India and the US but it was subsequently revealed that this postponement did not mean anything to lift the spirits of Cold War adversaries now turned into allies. 2,126 more words