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ALTC Keynote: Shaping Spaces

Here’s a link to the slides for my ALTC keynote. In the notes you will also find additional comments, ideas, references and recommendations for further reading.

Design For Learning

Public transport dilemmas in a head-cold ridden city

In the scale of life’s problems, the sound of someone sniffing might not seem a big issue. But, now that fingernails running down a blackboard is no longer a thing (thank you, whiteboards, projectors and new technology), loud and persistent sniffing is probably the sound I find most grating (followed closely by a whining call of ‘Muuummm’). 1,276 more words

Life And Learning - Thinking Space

What I'm learning: Why you can't see a forest all at once

I have a belief that we tend to care more about the things we notice. And, in reverse, if we want to see changes made, or treasure and protect those aspects we value, we first need to pay attention to them. 649 more words


To fix the housing affordability problem, we need to agree on what the problem is

It’s great the federal government and opposition parties have finally acknowledged the cost of housing is too high – and in fact, many Australians cannot find housing to buy or rent anyway. 1,487 more words

Life And Learning - Thinking Space

Kindness in action - how well do you know your neighbourhood?

When I was very young – many, many years ago (but long after 1969 – that’s just an example because I’m really not THAT old, ahem), I used to love watching Sesame Street. 1,665 more words

Making Progress