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Making Progress: Refining my focus

For anyone who’s been following my blog, you will notice that:

a) I have written a number of times that I want to this blog to focus on the importance of good places and spaces – the quality of our urban environment – with the aim of raising more interest and awareness, and hopefully involvement in how we shape our world. 528 more words


Places matter #3 - Mapping our world and our life

My daughter is sick at home, recovering from a nasty chesty cold. As a result, I’m (willingly – within reason) at her beck and call. But I’m still seeing if I can get some of what I wanted to do done today, in those moments when I get a brief respite. 1,138 more words

Place And Space

There's no place like homeless

A couple of weeks ago, I did something wrong. Or, more accurately, something that many people say is wrong. And I knew this at the time.  1,914 more words

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Be careful what you wish for - the 2016 Federal election edition

If you’ve ever wondered whether your vote on election day counts – because you’re feeling disillusioned with the choices, perhaps, or you don’t think your vote will have much impact anyway – let me share what I’m experiencing now. 1,099 more words

Life And Learning - Thinking Space

Place Matters #2 - Who on earth are you?

The question ‘Who on earth do you think you are?‘ might sound like a strange one for this series on places. What does ‘Who I am’ 886 more words

Place And Space

Place Matters #1 - Planning to make a difference

I recently wrote about how frustrated I felt with the way many of us – politicians and everyday people alike – jump  from topic to topic, getting worked up but not for long and not really making changes. 883 more words

Place And Space

My experience as an Oxfam Trailwalker volunteer

Last year, I was part of a team that completed the Melbourne Oxfam Trailwalker event, walking together for 100km on the outskirts of townships, up and over low mountain ranges, and to Jells Park, within Melbourne suburbia, to raise money for Oxfam Australia’s many wonderful projects. 1,118 more words

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