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sun setting on the east

The sun sets deeper against the stone

walls that make the vacation home.

the lashes of paint rip until bone

comes up from under the orange foam. 54 more words

The Place Mats are Finished!

Placemat for Mom 1

Placemat for Mom 4

Placemat for Mom 2

Placemat for Mom 3

I spent all of yesterday finishing the binding on these beauties.  221 more words


Three Out of Four Finished

I can’t decide which place mat I like the most, but I still have one more top to make before I finish these up.  Then I’ll make my decision on which of these is the ultimate in awesome.  215 more words


Place Mats for Mom

It’s been quite the process making these, but totally worth it.  These look absolutely gorgeous.  I’ve finished two tops thus far, averaging six hours each.  I just have two more to make.  64 more words


Joanna's Place Mat Set

I have finally finished making these beautiful things.  Now I need only to make coaster, mug rugs, and possibly a table runner if I have enough fabric leftover. 184 more words


A Tisket A Tasket

Two girls made a basket! My neighbor has joined in the basket making fun with me and we are addicted! Not only that, but we are getting a lot of interest so we decided we’d open up a shop and see how it goes. 19 more words

Crazy Quilt Place Mats

I’m using scraps from Joanna’s Quilt to create matching place mats, coasters, and mug rugs.  Today I made two place mats.  I was hunting for a pattern, but didn’t like anything I found.  171 more words